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David Schumacher is Director of Jazz & Bands for Pentucket Regional High School. Our students have earned top awards at the Berklee, UNH, and MAJE Jazz Festivals, spots in District, All-State, and All-National ensembles, and acceptance into top music schools around the country. Be a part of the magic! Everyone is welcome.


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Jazz Ensemble Descriptions

BIG BAND - Students placed in the Big Band will focus on reading music, section playing, and jazz style in a mix of full ensemble and sectional rehearsal time. Improvising is optional. I strongly encourage flute and clarinet players to learn saxophone for this ensemble. "Doubling" (playing one or more woodwinds) is standard procedure for jazz players as the standard repertoire is saxophone bias, and the logistics involved with playing saxophone, clarinet, and flute overlap significantly. Since there are a limited number of positions available for rhythm section players (piano, guitar, bass, drums), an audition may be needed to determine who is accepted into the group. If this is the case, I will discuss the procedure with students directly. This will become more clear once I see how many students are interested.

IMPROV CLASS - This group is for students who have clearly articulated an interest in improvisation or small group jazz playing, and who aspire to join the Jazz Combo in the future. Think of it as JV Jazz Combo! In the past I required ALL 9th graders to pass through this class on their way to Combo or Big Band, but I've found that not every student enjoys improvising. Some would prefer to sit in a section reading music instead of being spotlighted as a soloist in front of the group. Though some students will opt to join the Big Band moving forward, this group will provide a strong foundation on which students can develop their skills in any direction. This group is also open to upperclassman who want to play a secondary instrument or who want to supplement their improvisation studies. 8th graders looking for greater challenges are often invited to participate in this group.

JAZZ COMBO - This group participates in festivals and competitions, and performs numerous gigs for community organizations and benefits throughout the year. All students are required to take this class for honors credit. This is the only group requiring an audition which takes place each JUNE for the upcoming year. This will involve performing and improvising on a song of your choosing. Guitar, bass, piano, and drums may have additional requirements specific to your instruments including demonstrating basslines, chord voicings. and comping. Please see me for details.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are an essential part of your growth as a musician. There are a multitude of music studio options in the area, each with particular strengths. Please allow us to offer recommendations and guide you through the process to be sure you maximize your investment. Email Mr. Schumacher