Director - Joe Hartigan


Class Description: Students will take part in a percussion ensemble playing a variety of styles and performing on both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. Students will be expected to show up to class prepared, with the correct materials and ready to play. Students will be expected to further their experience by practicing assigned parts at home and building strong practice habits. As well as performing in groups, students will be expected to learn and practice scales, rudiments, written notation and other percussion fundamentals. This class will provide students with a greater understanding of the world of percussion, the instruments involved, the techniques involved and the variety of cultures the music comes from.

Google Classroom: All Percussion Students are required to sign up for our Google Classrooms.

High School Code: qubydwx

Middle School Code: tsg6nhr

Materials: Students are recommended to buy their own drum sticks and keyboard percussion mallets. Here are some affordable recommendations:

Drum Sticks: