Paperless Transaction Management


Our system gives you access to your transaction files and documents

from any computer or smartphone.

Access your back office here: (Bookmark this for future use)

Your Login is: Your email address

Your Temporary Password is: changeme




Signed Listing Agreements and Mutually Accepted Offers MUST be uploaded into Paperless immediately:

WASHINGTON, IDAHO, OREGON: Upload documents within TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS of Listing Agreement and Mutual Acceptance date.

CALIFORNIA: Upload documents within FIVE (5) DAYS of Listing Agreement and Mutual Acceptance date.

*This includes Short Sales accepted by the Seller, but not yet accepted by the Bank.

2. GETTING PAID ON-TIME: We want you to get paid on the day of closing … EVERY TIME!

Please make sure ALL Checklist items and documents are uploaded into your transaction file as soon as possible but no later than SEVEN (7) BUSINESS DAYS before closing. (CLICK HERE for an example Calendar) If ALL Checklist items are signed off FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS before the closing date, you can pick up your commission check directly from the Escrow office.

**If your file cannot be cleared 5 business days before closing, Escrow will send your check to the Corporate Office for distribution once the file is cleared.


Please DO NOT ever send Form 40's (in WA) or any other Commission Disbursement Form or Commission Instructions to Escrow. Our Accounting Department MUST do that for you.

If Escrow asks for any type of commission form, please tell them "My Corporate Office will send the Commission Disbursement Authorization 5 days before closing".

*Escrow must receive written permission from the Designated Broker before they can legally cut your check to you. Requests for broker demands can be sent to

4. If you have legal or contract questions, ALWAYS call your Designated Broker. There are no silly questions. We are here to help you 7-days a week!

How To Set up your Transaction Files &Upload Documents

Watch this short video tutorial on how to create files and upload documents here:

(If you need help creating or editing a file after you have watched the video tutorial,

please call Agent Services at 509-245-2001, or email:

1. Log in at:

Your Login is: Your email address

Temporary Password: changeme

2. To set up the transaction file: click on "Add Transaction" at the top of the screen.

3. Please Enter the "Transaction Name" like this:

"1234 W Main St #B102, Seattle - Smith" (Address, City - Client Last Name).

4. For Referrals, enter the "Transaction Name" like this:

"John Smith - Referral" (Client Full Name - Referral).

5. Add ALL of the listing and/or sale details. Please complete ALL fields.

6 . Add Email AND Phone contact information for all parties (Escrow Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Referral Agent, Client, etc.) in the Contacts section of the file. Always include Escrow's location address.

7. Add the appropriate Checklist on the left side of the screen.

8. Upload your documents from inside the transaction file by opening the transaction and then clicking "Upload Docs" at the top of the left hand column, OR email the documents to the email address at the top of the screen inside the file under the file bold property address (every file has its own unique email address)

    • Listing Documents should be only uploaded as "Listing” Docs.

    • Mutually Accepted Offers should be only uploaded as "Sale” Docs.

    • If uploading Mutually Accepted Offer and related documents on your own listing, they MUST be uploaded into your listing file as "Sale Docs”. Update the transaction information to reflect the agreed terms of the sale (price, closing date, commission, contacts, etc.) by clicking “Edit Transaction” inside your transaction file, and change the Status to PENDING. Please DO NOT create a new file.

    • Adding a Professional Realty Services Buyer’s Agent to your Listing File: Watch the 3 minute video tutorial on how to add a HomeSmart Advisors Buyer’s Agent (cross sale) to your listing transaction file: CLICK HERE

    • Buyer Agency Agreements and private buyer documents (not part of the Purchase & Sale Agreement) are the only documents that should be uploaded as "Buyer” Docs.

    • *Please DO NOT upload documents as "Private” Docs or "Public" Docs. (Documents uploaded under these headings cannot be reviewed and are only used by the Corporate Office).

    • Referrals: Upload signed “Referral Agreement” found under the “Reference” tab and add the contact information for all parties in the Contacts section of the file.

Where and How you Upload Documents

If you upload documents while you are inside the file, the documents are automatically assigned to the file. If you email the documents to the file's email address, they will automatically be assigned to the file, but will need to have the Document Type added. When you log into the transaction file, you will see a yellow drop down letting you know that there are emailed documents waiting to be added to the file. You just need to choose the Document Type (i.e.: Listing Doc or Sale Doc).

Document Review Times / Automated Email Reminders

Uploaded documents are normally reviewed by the Broker within 1-2 business day. Please make sure ALL Checklist items have been uploaded at least 7 days before closing to ensure the Commission Disbursement Authorization we send to Escrow can include permissions for Escrow to cut your check directly to you. *If your file cannot be cleared 5 days before closing, Escrow will send your check to the Corporate Office for distribution once the file is cleared.

We no longer use "automated" emails, please check your files regularly to make sure the checklist items are complete. Our staff will email you with notifications of missing documents if your file is not complete before closing. Our goal is to get you paid at closing, if your file is incomplete your check will have to be sent to our office. Please work with our staff as they send reminders to complete your files to expedite you getting paid!

Emailing to and from the Transaction File

Each transaction file has its own unique email address. Every email sent to or from transaction file is saved in the “Note” section of the file.

TO BROKERS AND STAFF: All emails to Brokers and Staff regarding transaction files, should be emailed directly from the file through the “Note/Email” button inside each transaction file. For example: If your buyer chooses not to conduct a Home Inspection, you would send a “Note/Email” to the Broker from inside the file to let them know so they can remove that item from the Checklist. *Make sure to check the box for the Broker or Staff to send the email to.

***Please do not check off all staff members when emailing, only select those to which your email is relevant to, i.e. contract review please only include our Designate Broker or Managing Broker, if it is related to changes that will effect your broker demand or you need to have a revise broker demand sent, please only send to Ramona.

TO OTHERS: You can also email and attach file documents to clients and others involved in the transaction through the “Note/Email” button inside each transaction file. It is always advised to email from the transaction because it provides a legal "paper trail" of communication.

*When responding to a Note/Email from the system, always REPLY ALL. If you only REPLY, your response is only noted in the file. You must REPLY ALL for your response to also be emailed to the person who sent you the Note/Email.

Reference Tab

Please check out the Reference Tab when you are logged in, here you will find a plethora of valuable information! ​

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Listing Checklist & Sale Checklist found under the "Reference" tab in Paperless.

As always, if you ever have any questions, please let us know. (Click to go to Contact Page)