From September 2020 the College intends to reduce the Published Admissions Number (PAN) to 160 pupils in Year 7. The rationale for the reduction of numbers includes the creation of a Sixth Form, which forms part of this overall proposal.

Platanos has operated with a roll of 180 pupils per year group, this has risen over time. In 2018, the intake was 210 in year 7. This will be unsustainable if a Sixth Form is opened.

Having already consulted on our admissions policy and on the proposed reduction in our Year 7 admissions number between 29th November 2018 and 31st January 2019, we intend to adopt our proposed admissions changes for September 2020.

By implementing these changes, it will allow us to:

  • Be consistent with the intake of other Lambeth schools, as the intakes range from 125-180 in each year group. The proposed figure of 160 sits in-line with these figures.
  • Become a centre for initial teacher training in the future.
  • Better engage with the local community. The reduction in numbers will allows us to look at larger scale projects and use staff to work on building these relationships.
  • Continue to raise standards in a smaller context, including:

- Building the skills of the pupils across the curriculum and focusing on the holistic development of the child.

- Better able to offer our Business & Enterprise specialisms from 11-19+, with a number of 160 in each year group this would give us the capacity to do so.

- Improve the level of pastoral care and continue to nurture the more challenging pupils.

- Continue to be outstanding and move to beyond outstanding by layering the curriculum further with additional music, the arts and drama.

- Develop the pupils’ range of skills offering individuals a wider range of development. Streaming from KS3 will become easier and allow pupils to move from one pathway to another, including the possibility of blending pathways.