Our Vision

Platanos College is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and good relations between all members of our school community.

Our school has inclusivity at the heart of our equality plans. We recognise that some pupils and their families struggle more than others against disadvantage and discrimination. The pursuit of equal opportunities is at the heart of our determination to provide an excellent service for all our pupils, working to make a positive contribution to the outcomes of all. We are equally committed to ensuring equality for everyone who works for us.

Platanos College provides an excellent learning environment for all pupils and staff. We have high expectations of everyone in our community. We prepare pupils and learners to take advantage of learning opportunities throughout their lives and to rise to the demands of academic rigour, high standards of scholarship, further and higher education, as well as opportunities in creative careers, the service industry and business, accountancy and finance. We have an unshakeable belief that we can make a difference. We are changing lives.

We believe that every learner can succeed, and we challenge and support them to reach their full potential. We offer all learners a rounded education to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society.

We raise the aspiration of learners to ensure that they achieve beyond their expectations and play a valuable role in the world. We celebrate success and encourage pupils and learners to take part in and enjoy learning and life by stretching the abilities of all. We are part of a group of schools that work together with shared and consistent values.

We are proud of the cultural diversity in our school and encourage tolerance and respect for each individual. We link our school to other cultures and communities throughout the world.

Our Ethos

Platanos College, with its business and enterprise specialist ethos, has had considerable success by following Forbes’ simple formula for entrepreneurship:

Define, invest, build, repeat.

We are committed to:

  • creating an environment where our students achieve outstanding progress and attainment
  • students achieve and exceed their baseline aspirations
  • having all courses enhancing clear progression opportunities
  • encouraging creativity and innovation in the Sixth Form within a shared vision and common purpose clearly aimed to preparing students for their future as international citizens
  • an inclusive approach where we will listen and learn from others
  • a positive and consistent approach where we will support our students and staff
  • striving to find innovative solutions to challenges
  • promoting and continuing to develop a safe and secure environment where the wellbeing of everyone is central