Figure 1: Newark half marathon. Click on the box outline top right to enlarge in a new window.

Newark Half Marathon

Newark Half Marathon route 14,000 Years ago

This half marathon runs every year. We have a stall to support the runners, friends and families that attend.

Ice Age Insights have mirrored the half marathon course with features that relate to the last Ice Age.

Learn more about hunter gatherers of the past here.

Some of our 2016 activities

    • CBA Day IAJ at Buttermarket Newark 16 July 2016. Our activity for the 2016 Festival of Archaeology 16 July 2016.
    • Farndon Fields 2015 excavations Newark Advertiser. Newark Advertiser newspaper clip of our 2015 test pitting at Farndon Fields.
    • The Collection Lincoln Archaeology Day 26 July 2016. Lincoln's activity for the 2016 Festival of Archaeology.
    • Nottinghamshire Local History & Archaeology Day, The University of Nottingham 9 July 2016.
    • Visit to Creswell & Anston Gorges 12 July 2016. Excavation by Durham University of the early 20C spoil heap outside of Mother Grundy's Cave - discovering missed finds from earlier excavations. Anston Crags has a few de novo Palaeolithic finds.

Some of our 2018 activities

Figure 2: recreating ice age clothing at Newark Academy School