dropout in adult education

13 May 2020

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • Sarah Neyts graduated as company psychologist. She applied the principles of her training in an educational setting in her book 'tackling early school leaving: binding as buffer against truancy'. During this webinar, she explains why secondary school students leave school early and how adult education can help.
  • Elke Pepermans, director GO! CVO Antwerpen, explains how the center for adult education in Belgium includes dropout of students in its policy and how this dropout is measured in practice.
  • Hannelore Audenaert, teacher and responsible for internationaliserion at GO! CVO Antwerpen, tells why students dropout and presents the DIDO toolkit. A number of tools are briefly explained by the European partner centers.

Recording of the webinar (in Dutch)

Download the PowerPoint presentation here.