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American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics; July 2014

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  • Discussion of "Rational Inattention in Hiring Decision" by Sushant Acharya and Shu Lin Wee (presented at 2017 Advances on Information Frictions in Business Cycles, Villars, Switzerland)
  • Discussion of "The Anatomy of Sentiment-Driven Fluctuations" by Sushant Acharya, Jess Benhabib, and Zhen Huo (presented at 2017 Yale Cowles Foundations Meeting)
  • Discussion of "Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake" by Vasco M. Carvalho, Makoto Nirei, Yukiko U. Saito, Alireza Tahbaz-Saleh (presented at 2016 NBER Summer Sessions)
  • Discussion of "Reviving the Limit Cycle View of Macroeconomic Fluctuations" by Paul Beaudry, Dana Galizia, and Franck Portier (presented at 2016 AEA Meetings)
  • Discussion of "Gradualism in Monetary Policy: A Time-Consistency Problem" by Jeremy Stein and Adi Sunderam
  • Discussion of "Efficient Sovereign Default" by Alessandro Dovis
  • Discussion of "Indeterminacy and Learning" by Thomas Lubik and Christian Matthes

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