First Aid

First Aid and Illness at School

In the case of accidents at school first aid is carried out by the teacher on duty or by Miss Puketapu, Mrs M Wagner, Mrs N Tamatea, Mrs A Naden, Mrs T Butler, Mrs McCormack or Mrs Rowell (Registered First Aiders) and in serious cases, parents are notified. Parents will also be contacted if a child becomes ill at school. For this reason our record of home, work, doctor and other emergency contact numbers must be current. Please advise the school office of any changes.

Sick Bay

This is situated next to the office. It is used for minor injuries and as a place for injured or sick children to rest while parents are contacted.

We discourage children spending substantial periods of time in the Sick Bay.

Allergies, Asthma etc.

The school keeps a record of children who require special and immediate attention in case of insect stings or illness. If you have a child who falls into this category, the school should be notified now so that the necessary safeguard can be taken. Parents must supply the school with the antidotes if they are likely to be needed.

Dental Clinic

The School Dental Truck visits the school twice a year.

Dental treatment is available for children from the age of two and a half years. Appointments can be made by phoning the Public Health Unit

867 95096.

When children are enrolled at school the first time, unless other wise directed, they are placed on the dental clinic register and regular checks of teeth are made. Early enrolment and many visits with parents before school will give children confidence with dental examinations.