Transition to school

ABC Club for new beginners

St Mary’s Angels and Butterflies Club (ABC) is a class for any child and their parent/caregiver who is considering sending their child to our Catholic school. Children must be at least 4½ years old to attend.

Our ABC provides a great opportunity for your child to become familiar with the school environment, the teachers and to learn some of the school routines. It will also aid in developing strong and positive school home relationships. During the session you will see different activities that could be used at home to support your child’s learning. The purpose is to help support your child’s transition to school, enabling a supportive and simple transition to our quality, child-centred learning environment.

Parents are welcome to join the class while their child settles in, but are not required to stay for the whole session.

The key areas of learning in the session will be:

Fostering a love of learning

Establishing school routines

Developing alphabet, number and early literacy knowledge

Making connections and building relationships with families

Developing learning and social relationships with other students

The class will be held every Monday afternoon during term time from 1.15pm until 2.25pm.