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The Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Private Electronic Money (PEM®) Institute PEMI® ( is the Consumer, Corporate & Professional Education Division of MortgageQuote Canada Corp. MQCC™, the Money Quality Conformity Control Organization, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; an organization classified by the United Nations (UN), Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), Statistics Division (UNSD) International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (Revision 4) as a:

  • credit granting; money lending outside the banking system

  • activities auxiliary to financial service activities; activities of mortgage advisers and brokers

MortgageQuote Canada Corp. Global Network Administrator of® built on the World's First Application of the "principles of 'BlockChain'-in-Commerce; is the World's Most Trusted "Crypto" (Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Secret/Shadow ) Financial Company because of continuous registered to the National and International Quality Management System Standard of 119 Countries since May 9, 2008 (6 months before the subordinate payment transfer subsystem , the generic "bitcoin" network was introduced and 9 months before the alpha-state, experimental software was made available to the global public).

Why Discover the Power of Private Lending®?

Consistent, Stable, Quality Managed Investment Returns (8%-12%-20%+ Compound Annual Growth Rate, Paid Monthly) bypassing the Global Banking System, Certified ISO 9001:2015 to the National Standard of 119 Countries; through direct investing in mortgages.

Learn the private lending strategies, properties and research in Canada and internationally. These tools have allowed average Canadians to invest $ in over positive cash flow real estate - without the burden of debt and ownership - through private lending in direct mortgages.

... now it's your turn.

Bypass the Bank, Bypass the Investment Broker, Bypass the Public Market. PEMI® is the first of it's kind to show average Canadian and international investors how to profit from investing in directly in mortgages, as private individuals or through your private corporation.

Fiduciary Investing ROI (Return-On-Investment) Numbers Speak for Themselves

MQCC™ Compound Interest Money Machine CIMM™ Statistics

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See what over 11 years of Fiduciary Class™ brand of finance has returned (Return-On-Investment ROI) for global investors. Built on consumer safety, source origination trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'"™.


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1. Canadian Dollars

2. % Returns are before MQCC Asset Owner and MQCC Intellectual Property Rights Licensing Fees

3. Canadian Dollars

4. Primarily Fully Secured, free trading, non-public market, primary, direct, land title-secured securities

5. Primarily Non-Bank, Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated or Regulatory Exempt, Free Trading Finance; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance (visit to learn more.

MortgageQuote's MQCC™ Private Reserve™ - Above Average Rates for the Above Average Investor-Lender™

Private Equity Mortgage Average Yields versus Other Yields

MQCC Free Trading Private Equity (FTPE™); Like a GIC Investment or a BOND Investment, but BETTER, SAFER and MORE EFFICIENT

  • Like a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) but safer with less risk because your investment is 100% Secured by the underlying asset, not by a company guarantee.

  • Like a GIC, $$$ is paid to you on a monthly basis.

  • Unlike a GIC, YOU ARE NOT LOCKED IN -- you can always cash your investment via the MQCC FTPE™ Exchange: PEMX® (

  • Like a BOND, with a fixed term, monthly or annually (periodic) $$$ payments and a principal payout at maturity of the bond term (see:

  • If something goes wrong, you do NOT lose your principal; you GAIN the ASSET (see:

  • US (401K) or Canada (RRSP, RRIF, LIF, RLIF, TSFA, LIRA, LRSP, RLSP, RESP) or International Equivalent tax-based retirement account eligible (see:

See MQCC Statistics™ to learn more.

Investors: See the Numbers from MortgageQuote Canada Corp. ( MQCC™

Network Administrator for Canada's Private Lending Network®

Your Private Equity Mortgage Solution®

Your Private Electronic Money Solution™

Licensed in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario (FSCO #12279)

Consistency from at least as early 2001, with full scale commercialization at least as early as April 9, 2005.. Here is a copy of a historical artifact published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) showing a® [The World's First Peer-to-Peer Electronic Finance System] screen shot of it website on November 17, 2006 at 3:01:11 PM (USPTO Time). Notice the advertised and promoted rates of between 15% and 21%. Now look at the image above; the years between 2009 and 2019 PROVES - BEYOND a "shadow" of a doubt (pardon the pun) that the representations made in 2006 November BEFORE THE CREDIT CRISES are consistent with the reality of® investor-returns AFTER the CREDIT CRISIS. Incredible levels of consistency and antithetical to prejudged expectations of people losing money after the credit crisis. In private lending, the concept of "loss" is an investor's choice, driven for tax reasons, not financial or investment reasons.

Registered to ISO 9001:2000; ISO 9001:2008 and the risk-based ISO 9001:2015 Continuously since at least as early as May 9, 2008.

Safe, Reliable Good; Better, Safer, and More Efficient™ trademark brand of MQCC™ Goods and Services

Certified Quality Management in Investing. Nothing Like It.

Trusted Canadian & Global Industry Sector Leaders with ISO 9000 Family of Standards and Quality Management Systems Certification Reliance

You have not seen an investment approach like this before, because it has not existed before. PEMI® direct Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Private Electronic Money (PEM®) investment transactions are created in an ecosystem managed by MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC™) which is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Standard published by the International Organization for Standardization, based in Switzerland ( and adopted as National Standard by 119 countries.

All Management Systems Auditors are Accredited by or Members of

Inform Yourself: Better, Safer Financial Investing DOES Exist - ask your nearest Professional Engineer

How does PEMI® claim "Better, Safer Financial Investing" exists? Through certification to ISO 9001:2015; a Quality Management System trusted by ALL Professional Engineers, globally. #EngineersinFinance. Investing directly in mortgages might be different than any investment you’ve made before, so it's very important to understand some key points. Unlike government regulated investment vehicles, investing in mortgages is considered both simple and safe (which is why you do not government mandated securities documents like Offering Memorandum's or Prospectus documents); you get complete control of your investing approach. Contact a PEMI® Certified Private Equity Mortgage Professional C-PEMP® today, so you can learn more about this lucrative investment sector.

PEMI® Global Network Administrator: MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC™)

Why is MortgageQuote Canada Corp. the Global Network Administrator for PEMI®?

See the below chart to learn why. More importantly, rates of return are earned in an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System environment, which means that all Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Private Electronic Money (PEM®) transactions are processed in certified statutory, regulatory and process compliant manner, in accordance with the National Standards of over 119 countries including Australia, Canada, USA and United Kingdom.

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30.821% Avg #ROI from 08/09/2009 to 15/06/2017- over 9 yrs - from #leadership of Anoop Bungay #Founder, #MQCC. #BetheLender#iQMS#Reality Based upon Annual Percentage Rates (APR).

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FSCO #12279.

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