Upcoming Events

May 3rd- Fun Run

May 9th- Field Trip

May 10th- All library books due

May 14th- 3rd and 4th grade math night

May 23rd- Last day of school!

Things to know about third grade:

Each student will have their own agenda. Homework will be written down daily. Part of nightly homework, students need to read 20 minutes a night and get a signature in their agenda saying that they read. The agenda will be checked for a parent signature every morning. Students who don't read will have consequences like missing recess or fun Friday.

Homework: students need to read 20 minutes a night and complete the math homework for that night. The math packet is due Friday.

Spelling words will be given out every Monday. Spelling tests will be on Friday.

Third grade is a fast moving train! Please support your student on this fun ride by reading with them and practicing their multiplication facts nightly.

AZMerit Link: Practice the samples tests here: http://azmeritportal.org/sample-tests.stml

Q: How can I help prepare my child for AzMERIT? A: Parents and families can best help by ensuring that their students are engaged in the activities and learning opportunities provided by their teachers. The projects, assignments, discussions, and coursework provided by teachers are designed to meet the expectations of AzMERIT and the state standards. In addition, parents and families can use AzMERIT test results to help determine any areas where students might need additional resources or support. A lot of sleep the night before and a healthy breakfast the morning of, will help set up your student for success.