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News Gallery 2019

2019 - Chappaqua DAR Promotes Constitution Week- September 17-23.pdf
2019 - Chappaqua DAR Donates 217 Books to Ossining School District.pdf
2019 - Local DAR Cleans Old Chappaqua Historic District Waterways.pdf
2019 - Chappaqua DAR Member Installed on NY State Board of Management.pdf
2019 - Polly Cooper Chapter, NSDAR Celebrates Second Anniversary.pdf
2019 - Chappaqua DAR Attends as Delegates at DAR National Convention.pdf
2019 - Chappaqua DAR Marches in New Castle Memorial Day Parade.pdf
2019 - Local DAR Donates 350 Books to JCY-Westchester Community Partners .pdf

May 3, 2019

Local DAR Donates 350 Books to JCY-Westchester Community Partners

2019 - Local DAR Donates 102 Seed Packets to Hindman Settlement School.pdf
2019 - Local DAR Celebrates Anniversary of George & Martha Washington.pdf
2019 - Chappaqua DAR Supports Troops with Valentine's Day Care Packages.pdf
2019 - Chappaqua DAR Honor Area Veterans with Wreaths Across America.pdf

News Gallery 2018

Chappaqua Patch December 18 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch November 11 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch October 22 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch October 14 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch October 11 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch October 9 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch October 5 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch October 2 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch September 18 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch September 15 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch August 1 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch July 30 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch July 13 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch July 12 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch June 16 2018 - 2.pdf
Chappaqua Patch June 16 2018.pdf
Chappaqua Patch February 14 2018.pdf

News Gallery 2017

Chappaqua DAR Chapter.pdf
Local DAR Chapter.pdf
Polly Cooper Chapter.pdf
Author Allison Pataki.pdf
DAR Members Celebrate.pdf
DAR Members Donate.pdf
New Chappaqua DAR.pdf
New DAR Chapter.pdf