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Why do we list our patriot ancestors?

Our patriots are our connections to the past! Some were never memorialized with a gravestone, marker, or monument and the final resting places of many are not known.

For these reasons and many others, many chapters of the NSDAR will list their patriots on the chapter's website. It's one small way to ensure that their legacy will continue.

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Pvt. Asa Reed

Pvt. Ebenezer Faxon, CS


Joseph Chiswell, PS

Capt. Leonard Deakins


Col. Lewis Ansart de Marasquelle

Pvt. George Bridge

Pvt. Jonathan Ross

Sgt. Ozem Sackett

Pvt. Bradley Varnum

New Hampshire

James Lyford, PS

Pvt. Joseph Paul, Sr.

New Jersey

Henry Bale, PS

Lt. Nathaniel Holmes, PS

New York

Maj. Richard Garrison

Pvt. Staats Hammond

Ens. Daniel Horton

Elizabeth Annesley Lewis, PS

Francis Lewis, CS, PS, SDI

Pvt. John Plumb

Pvt. Joseph Washburn

Pvt. Tyler Wilcox

North Carolina

Andrew Bass, PS

Arthur Lowrey, PS

Ens. Benjamin Park, PS

John Park, PS


Pvt. Samuel Cary

Pvt. Christian Eby, PS

Pvt. Joshua Harlan

Pvt. Thomas Harper

Cpl. John Matter, Sr.

Pvt. Peter Stager, PS

Abraham Wohlpart, PS

Nicholas Wohlpart, PS


William Anderson, PS

Pvt. Thomas Clark

Lt. William Daniels

Matthew Duncan, PS

Capt. William Henshaw

David Pitts, Sr., PS

Walter Stallard, PS

Christian Straley, PS

Spanish America

Joachin de Ortega y Prieto, PS


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