For more information about Today's Daughters, please visit the NSDAR website.

Who are DAR members?

Over 185,000 women are members of the NSDAR, each representing a variety of backgrounds and interests. Their common bond is a lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution. However, they often find they share much more!

Any adult woman (regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background) who can prove this lineage is eligible to join. We've had some surprising previous (and current) members. As we like to say, "our chapters are full of women who do uncommonly great things."

Already a member?

We're grateful for having such a wonderful group of women in our chapter! If you are already a chapter member, you also have the benefit of accessing our exclusive, members-only website.

Our members' site contains back-issues of newsletters and yearbooks, the full chapter calendar, and much more. If you have an account, you already have access. Otherwise, please submit an access request form, and our volunteer information specialists will get your account setup.