Welcome to Music in Motion

The PME Marching Band's focus is not to be students on a football field marching a half time show, but to be entertainers in an outside arena putting music in motion!

Welcome to the Pocono Mountain East Marching Band web page. This page will contain everything you need, to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience during the marching band season. Music, drill, sound files, forms, calendar and a handbook can all be found attached to this page located to the left in the menu. Any further questions can be addressed to Mr. Eick at teick@pmsd.org.

This website is one form of communication throughout the season. A second, and probably one of the most important, is being sure you sign up for the REMIND text system.

If you have yet to sign up for text messages through REMIND, text @pmembm to 81010 for members, @pmembp to 81010 for parents and @pmembs for student staff and follow the prompts. If you are a member and do not have a phone, be sure your parents sign up on the parent link. IF YOU ARE ON STUDENT STAFF, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN ON THE MEMBER ONE AND THE STUDENT STAFF, JUST DO THE STUDENT STAFF. I had to split these up because we had too many on one account. Each account will receive the same information. Parents, please only one parent sign on if you live in the same house...unless it is absolutely necessary for both parents to sign on. I am just trying to not clutter the account with so many numbers.

Please when putting in your name, you put your legal first and last name. Do not put nicknames or other alias'.


I wanted to touch base with everyone so we know where things are currently...

Each band is doing very well and we are pleased with the progress to date....with all considering. We will begin working on Drill in the following weeks.

*Starting next week, 10/13, I am asking drumline and pit to come to practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from now on instead of on Fridays. This will allow the drumline to be a part of each band...especially when we start learning drill.

*When we start Hybrid next week, marching band and after school activities hours will move up one hour earlier. The activity bus will pick you up for a 2:00 drop off at school and then will depart school at 5:30 pm. So practice will be 2:30-5:15. The last dismissal bell will ring at 2:19 at school.....

*If you are being dropped off for practice, there is a new procedure...I know...I know...to avoid ALL of the bus traffic-You are being asked to drop students off in the B lot (the lot facing SEC) near the Volleyball court. This will avoid ALL bus traffic since the fleet coming in will be larger.

*Temperatures and google self check form-If you are in school the day of a practice, you do not need to fill out the form...IF you are virtual, home on the day of a practice, you need to continue to do the self check prior to coming to practice.

*B Band seniors-uniforms need to be dry cleaned over the weekend and brought back by next Wednesday. I need to see a dry-cleaning receipt or the dry cleaning bag needs to be on the uniform still for proof of dry-cleaning! Please be prompt with this.....!!!

Mark Your Calendar:

Oct. 15 Pictures (A Band and Drumline and Pit)

Oct. 16 ES North at home (B Band)

Oct. 25 Juniors and seniors Barrett Halloween Reversed Parade

Oct. 25 Band Review (A Band and B Band)

-Each Band will perform for each other and parents in the stands, following Social Distancing. After, Both bands will then create a large block on the stands and play some stand charts for the parents. Event will begin at 3 pm.

Oct. 30 East/West game (still trying to get bands to be allowed at this game...stay tuned)

Nov 13 PV Bucket Game reschedule (A Band)



PMEMB has been approved to begin rehearsals for marching band. It is imperative that we follow protocols at all times. Masks will be worn at all times, when playing-masks can be pulled up or down, 6' social distancing must be adhered to at all times-including on breaks, hand sanitizer will be used on a regular basis, All water bottles must be labeled with your name (there are not any garbage cans-if you are bringing plastic water bottles, you must take it home with you-water jugs are preferred). Instruments will be taken home with you at the end of every practice...larger instruments like drums and sousaphones will go on band trailer. Instruments will not be needed the first week.

Please see the attached document below for more information and procedures and as to the day of your rehearsal. IT IS MANDATORY THAT BOTH STUDENT AND PARENT READ THE DOCUMENT BELOW!!

PLEASE...keep in mind I tried to accommodate as many as I knew of for transportation purposes. It is impossible to be able to accommodate everyone. Bus transportation is available all week.

If you need bus transportation to get to and from school for practice, email me teick@pmsd.org by noon tomorrow with your name and student ID number so I can pass that onto transportation. ONLY EMAIL ME; PLEASE DO NOT TEXT ME THROUGH REMIND.

This Google form MUST be filled out everyday by 3:00 pm before arriving at the school.


If this form is not filled out you will be sent home. You are to self check your temperature prior to leaving the house.

Take one week at a time...be patient, be safe, be healthy, and be sure to keep playing and practicing your instrument!!

Copy of PME Marching Band COVID Rehearsal Guidelines for students and parents
East Transportartion_20200911_131417.pdf

Here is pick up locations and times for the buses for marching band practice. they will pick up and drop off at all ACTIVITY BUS drop offs, not your normal morning run pick up.

Football Game tickets


Copy and Paste the above link in the address bar....please fill out this google form if you wish your son/ daughter to bring tickets home with them from practice. Read the form before filling out.

Before we begin our journey into a new season, be sure to print out these three forms below and bring them with you on the first day of band camp. Traveling regulations through the school require that these are turned in for every trip. You will only have to fill them out once and I will copy for trips.



use the link above to order your band shirt...everyone must have a a shirt that will go under your uniform. When we take our jackets off, we will still look uniformed. These are also dress code approved for school so you can wear them during school as well.