Course Catalog

Welcome to the Prior Lake High School Course Catalog!


This catalog provides information about all courses offered at Prior Lake High School. It will provide you with an in-depth description of what is covered in each class, as well as information regarding prerequisites and qualifications. 

Departments & Classes

English 9
English 9 Honors
English 10
English 10 Honors
English 10 Pre-Ap
English 11
English 11 Honors
AP Language & Composition
English 12
College Prep Composition
AP Literature & Composition
Introduction to Theater
Advanced Theater
Speech 1
Speech 2
Creative Writing 1
Creative Writing 2
College Prep Literature
College Prep Grammar
Humanities 1
Humanities 2
Video Production 1
Video Production 2
Mass Media
Contemporary Fiction

AP Human Geography

Spanish Immersion Human Geography

Spanish Immersion World History
World History
AP World History
US History
AP US History

US History CIS
General Economics
American Government
AP Economics
AP Government
AP Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Sociology: Psych of Human
Criminal Justice: Courts
Criminal Justice: Crime
American Indian Studies
History Through Art
Current Issues
Gender Studies

Intermediate Algebra
Geometry Honors
Algebra 2
Algebra 2 Honors
Math Analysis
Pre-Calculus Honors
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Multivariable Calculus
AP Statistics
Pre-College Algebra
Flex Math

Science 9
Science 9 Honors
AP Biology
Chemistry Concepts
Chemistry HHS
Physics Concepts
AP Physics: C
Physics HHS
Environmental Science
AP Environmental Science
Anatomy & Physiology
Genetics and Biotechnology

Big Bang Physics & Beyond

Diseases: What We Do

Introduction to Art
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Painting 1
Painting 2
Pottery 1
Pottery 2
Pottery 3
Graphic Design 1
Graphic Design 2
Graphic Design 3
Graphic Design 4
Photography 1
Photography 2
Photography 3
Photography 4
AP Studio

Phone Photography

Team Sports 9
Team Sports 9 Zero Hour
Individual Sports
Girls Fitness
Boys Fitness
Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Condition Zero

Adv Strength Training
Team Sports
Advanced Team Sports

Advanced Strength
Outdoor Education
Winter Recreation
Lifetime Sports

Unified Phy Ed
Personal Fitness
Personal Fitness Zero Hour
Health 9
Health 9 Zero Hour
Stress Management
Stress Management Zero
First Aid & CPR
Chemical Health Awareness
Leadership & Sports Psych
Nutrition for Lifelong Health

Introduction to Business
Marketing & Sales

Personal Finance
Business Law
International Business
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Word Processing
Desktop Design & Publishing
College & Career Computer Skills
Introduction to Accounting 1
Introduction to Accounting 2
FabLAB 1
FabLAB 2
Work Program

French 1
French 2
French 3 Pre-CIS
French 4 CIS

French 5 CIS
German 1
German 2
German 3 CIS
German 4 CIS
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4 CE
Spanish 5 CE
Spanish 6 AP

Spanish 6 Culture/Conversation

Spanish for Heritage Speakers & Immersion
American Sign Language 1
American Sign Language 2
American Sign Language 3 CE
American Sign Language 4 CE

Intro to Dakota Language

Interior Design 1
Interior Design 2
Fashion Design 1
Fashion Design 2
Relationships for Life
Independent Living
Preschool Child
Culinary Skills
Creative Foods
Good Eats
Regional Foods

Unified Facs

Woods 1
Woods 2
Woods 3
Metals 1
Metals 2
Metals 3
Auto 1
Auto 2
Computer Aided Design 1
Computer Aided Drafting 2
Project DIY
FabLAB 1
FabLAB 2
Small Gas Engines 1
Small Gas Engines 2
Robotics & Electricity
Intro to Design Engineering
Principles of Engineering
Civil Engineering & Architecture

AP Computer Science
AP Computer Science Principles 

Laker Band Blue & Gold
Varsity Band Blue & Gold
Marching Band
Wind Ensemble
Laker Treble Choir
Laker Meistersingers
Concert Choir
Varsity Choir
Women's Chorale

Schedule & Course Load


Prior Lake High School has a 6 hour bell schedule with an optional zero hour class. The normal school day runs from 8am to 3pm, and zero hour runs from 7am to 8am. 

Course Load 

Students in grades 9-12 will be required to register for at least six classes per quarter.  Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but are rarely granted (e.g., multiple AP classes in schedule).  Students in grades 11 and 12 will be allowed to register for an open period twice during the year (2 quarters). Four opens (one per quarter) may be granted upon counselor approval for 12th graders in good standing.

Grading Scale & Weighted Grades

High school classes issue letter grades on a scale of A to F.  All classes will be graded at the end of each quarter and students will earn .75 credit for each class.

Grading Scale

A : 94% and above

A-:  90-93%

B+ :  87-89%

B : 83-86%

B-: 80-82%

C+: 77-79%

C: 73-76%

C-: 70-72%

D+: 67-69%

D: 63-66%

D-: 60-62%

F: 59% and lower

School Board Policy Regarding Weighted Grades Classes Graduating Prior to 2026:

Rationale:  In selecting elective courses which have multiple levels of difficulty, capable students should be encouraged to select the most appropriate level. Weighting of course credit in more difficult levels would provide an extra incentive to reward students for challenging themselves.

Courses designated as "weighted courses" will have a grade point value increased by a factor of 1.1 above that of non-weighted courses.  (A = 4.4, B = 3.3, etc.)

Currently, the weighted courses are:  College Accounting, English 9 Honors/Pre-AP, English 10 Pre-AP, English 10 Honors, English 11 Honors, Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Chemistry Honors, S2S Chemistry, Advanced Placement Environmental Studies, Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Placement Physics C, S2S Physics, Biochemistry I and II, Geometry Honors, Algebra II Honors, Precalculus Honors, Advanced Placement Statistics, Advanced Placement Calculus AB & BC, Advanced Placement Computer Science A, Advanced Placement Human Geography, Advanced Placement World History, Advanced Placement US History, Advanced Placement American Government and Advanced Placement Economics, Advanced Placed Psychology, Advanced Placement Studio, Spanish 4CE, Spanish 5, Spanish 6, German 3, German 4, German 5, French 4, French 5 and any other AP courses.

School Board Policy Regarding Weighted Grades Starting Class of 2026:

In selecting courses which have multiple levels of difficulty, capable students should be encouraged to select the most appropriate level. Weighting of course credit in more difficult levels would provide an extra incentive to reward students for challenging themselves.

All Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and all year long Concurrent Enrollment Courses will be designated as “weighted courses” in the high school course registration guide. 

Courses designated as "weighted courses" will have grade point value increased by a factor of 1.10 above that of non-weighted courses. This policy will be in effect for the graduating class of 2026 and beyond.

Schedule Change Policy

Quarter Electives: There are only 2 opportunities each year to request a schedule change for electives:

Yearlong Courses:

The schedule change request information/form will be posted on Schoology at the end of each quarter. With nearly 3,000 students in our building, we cannot accommodate teacher requests while maintaining the integrity of the master schedule.

***If a student or parent has specific and current concerns about a particular teacher***

Counselors are always available to support and advocate for our students if an issue arises, but counselors do not supervise teachers. We always will encourage students and parents to communicate directly with the teacher before reaching out to an assistant principal and counselor.