Fabulous 4th Graders of

Room 102

On The Calendar:

2/5 - 2/9: Book Fair

2/7: Donut Fun For Everyone​

2/26: Capital Field Trip - All Day -BUSES LEAVE AT 7:00 - PLEASE BE TO SCHOOL AT 6:45 AM THAT DAY! Thank you

3/8: Mission San Jose Field Trip - morning

4/14: Walnut Grove 50th Birthday Bash

4/23: Stop Waste Field Trip - morning

5/16: Gold Rush Field Trip - All Day


A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR ROOM PARENTS, MRS. BOWERS & MRS. PALMER, AND HELPERS for an AMAZING Halloween Party for our Fabulous 4th Graders!!! Thank you to those of you who donated items!

Don't forget: -no school tomorrow, 11/1. Have a FUN & SAFE Halloween and a nice day off with your families!

I look forward to seeing you at Parent Conferences!


Quick update while we enjoy the last pieces of this beautiful weekend!

We have been working hard in Room 102 - stretching our stamina, making and celebrating lots of mistakes and growing and learning!

Academic Updates:

Math - We will be finished with Module 1 soon. Mid-Module Assessment went very well for most. The quizzes and Assessments help to know where your children are. We will be taking a Topic D & E quiz next week and then reviewing for a few days before taking our Module 1 Test at the end of next week. They will have a paper copy and then record their answers online on illuminate. Students who are not successful will have a chance to review and retake test.

How can you help your 4th grader?

1. Use the Embarc PUSD Math Website

2. Sit down and work through their Homework Workbooks (sent home a few weeks ago) and check their work.

3. Look over the little quizzes and pick problems they seem to struggle with and practice.

Timed Tests: We are already on 7's!!

Social Studies We are deep into California Regions. You can find some resources in 'LINKS' here on our Class Website. I will be sending out information about Relief Maps this coming week. Daily Geography Week 5 will finish up this week and a 3/4/5 Quiz coming next week.

Spelling: Don't forget we take our Pretests on Mondays - that way, they know EXACTLY what they need to study. We take short pieces of time during the week to work on spelling words and patterns. Quiz on Fridays.

Writer's Workshop: We are finishing up our 1st draft of our 1st 4th Grade Narrative Writing! Lots of writing and rewriting as we work on Foundational Skills as well as Writing Components.

Reader's Workshop: Tiger Rising.


-Packets went home Friday- please return them by This Wednesday /27.

Thank you all for your fabulous children.


Wow! What a WHIRLWIND 2 weeks!

Started out with Back To School - Thank you to those of you who came out to meet and learn and celebrate the starting of another School Year!

Lots of learning and procedures and Getting To Know You activities and games along with some assessments for me to learn all about our wonderful classroom citizens.

I ended last week by loading my oldest into the van with her most treasured items and taking her off to college! Leaving her made the 36 hours labor 18 years ago seem like a walk in the park! But she is settling in nicely, making friends and realizing how easy she had it at home and in high school - HOORAY!!

In 4th Grade these past 2 weeks, we:

*were able to start Math Module 1 this week and got 2 lessons into it while working on Place Value with activities and games. LOTS of review going on as we stretch to remember all we were taught in 3rd grade and begin building on it.

*took our 1st Spelling Test of the year.

*had a refresher on directions, latitude & longitude and continents in Social Studies.

*got our Reading Workshop well underway with learning how to pick the Just Right Book, building our stamina for reading for longer periods and tracking our progress, and beginning our unit on Interpreting Characters, The Heart of The Story with Tiger Rising.

*were enamored by The eclipse and it consumed much of our Science time inside and out of the Lab.

*have been writing in their Writing Journals. I am giving them prompts and they have permission to free write - some are working on stories, graphic stories and more. It's so fun to see our reluctant writers really come alive when THEY are excited about a topic!

This coming week we:

*will launch our Writer's Workshop while continuing Our Reader's Workshop work with Tiger Rising.

*will continue Math with Module 1: Place Value, Rounding, Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction. If you are following along at home, feel free to work through Homework Workbook (these stay at home and do not come back to class for grades or checking) Lessons 1 thru 7 and you can access the videos here. (you can also check out this PUSD website for math support. Embarc Online - 4th Grade. Here is the link for Module 1, Parent Newsletter - Topic A (helpful explanations of this topic).

*will start our weekly work with Daily Geography so be sure to ask your 4th grader about that.

*will start work Vocabulary and Grammar work related to our Tiger Rising unit. Very engaging and fun!!

In your Monday Folders you will find a Math Facts (x 3) Pretest we will take on Monday. They are expected to be practicing the ones they missed for our Posttest on Friday and I will help them include this reminder into their Planners. Thank you for signing each night for their 20 minutes of reading!!! Thank you also for sending in their Star Of The Week Posters; our Star this week is STELLA!!!

Thank you all so much for your generous classroom donations. The $30 donation will be used to purchase much needed supplies and we are working on adding to our existing 9 Chromebooks so that we can at least work in pairs, if not individually!

Thank you for your donations of $85 for 4th grade field trips.

You can send in your checks (payable to Walnut Grove) with your children.

On The Calendar:

9/4: Monday No School

9/6: Wednesday Coffee With The Principal 9:20 AM Room 411

9/13: Wednesday Picture Day

9/29: Friday PTA Fun Run


Click here for Back To School Presentation and Information

Welcome Back To School!!

Check back here often for updated information.

On The Calendar:

8/14 First Day Of School (SQUEAL!!!)--please note, Fabulous Fourth Graders, that we have PE 1st THING ON MONDAYS- so please come to school, first day, in PE shoes and meet Mr. Taylor and I on the yard.

Also- please start bringing in empty paper towel cardboard tubes - we need 33 of them for a project we will be doing on the first week.

  • 8/17 Back To School Night (Parents Only)

Our Back to School Night will be on Thursday, August 17 from 7-7:45pm in Room 102. For those of you who have other children at the Grove, the Back to School Night schedule is as follows:

Grades K-3--6-6:45pm

Grades 4-5-- 7-7:45pm

  • 8/24 PTA Meeting
  • 9/29 Fun Run!

WHERE’S ROOM 102?!?!

Monday: 8:15 AM PE

Tuesday: 1:10 PM MUSIC & 2:05 PM SCIENCE

Wednesday: 11:30 AM PE

Thursday: 8:15 AM SCIENCE

Every Other Thursday: Library 1:10 PM


Computer Lab: TBA