Fabulous 4th Graders of

Room 102

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Welcome Back To School!!

Check back here often for updated information.

On The Calendar:

8/14 First Day Of School (SQUEAL!!!)--please note, Fabulous Fourth Graders, that we have PE 1st THING ON MONDAYS- so please come to school, first day, in PE shoes and meet Mr. Taylor and I on the yard.

Also- please start bringing in empty paper towel cardboard tubes - we need 33 of them for a project we will be doing on the first week.

  • 8/17 Back To School Night (Parents Only)

Our Back to School Night will be on Thursday, August 17 from 7-7:45pm in Room 102. For those of you who have other children at the Grove, the Back to School Night schedule is as follows:

Grades K-3--6-6:45pm

Grades 4-5-- 7-7:45pm

  • 8/24 PTA Meeting
  • 9/29 Fun Run!

WHERE’S ROOM 102?!?!

Monday: 8:15 AM PE

Tuesday: 1:10 PM MUSIC & 2:05 PM SCIENCE

Wednesday: 11:30 AM PE

Thursday: 8:15 AM SCIENCE

Every Other Thursday: Library 1:10 PM


Computer Lab: TBA