Other Common Issues*:

  • I got a message that says "We are sorry, but you do not have access to email." What do I do?

This looks like a problem, but it actually isn't. Chrome was made by Google, so it assumes that when you click on an email link, you want to go to Gmail. Unfortunately, your email account is not in Gmail, it's at If you see this message - don't worry, just ignore it. To get to your email, simply go to and sign in at the top left and it should work just fine.

  • When I try to access any website (even Google), I am asked to log in.

This is not an error, this is a security measure designed to make sure that only authorized Pickens users are accessing our network. Simply log in to Google Chrome with your username and password and then click OK.

  • I'm on a website and it isn't working for me, but it works for the rest of my class.

1. Make sure you are connected to the wireless network. The wifi icon in the bottom right corner should be solid white and not flashing.

2. Go through the steps in "How to fix most Chromebook issues" above.

  • My screen is completely blank, but I can tell the screen is on.

Try holding down the power button for about 30 seconds. Then wait and allow it to sit for another 30 seconds. Many times, this will reset the Chromebook. If that doesn't fix it, inform your teacher or your school's technology facilitator so it can be inspected for damage.

*Adapted from Anderson Five