Mentoring Days in Action:

Students Amare Dean-Hairston and Caleb Petit-Homme venture to the Pittsburgh International Auto Show with their mentor Mr. Robert Titus of Titus Tech. They learned practical information about various makes and models of automotives to help them fine tune their business idea. Look forward to hearing their pitch at our Annual Soaring Shark Tank May 31, 2019!

Ms. Betty of A Home for your Heart shares her expertise regarding mentoring for young ladies.

Mr. Cook of Cooks Catering, LLC returns for a second mentoring session providing insight regarding the joys and hurdles of being an entrepreneur.

NFTE in Action:

7th Grade students dive into market research by creating a NEW chips or candy brand. Congratulations to Martel Palmer-Mollett, Aaron Johnson (not featured), Maliah Powell, and Marvin James for receiving the most votes for their creation of “Skushers” by their 8th Grade peers.


This month's Town Hall meeting was exciting for Soarmania, the PHCSE MicroSociety. Citizens were delighted by the new jobs that are now being added, such as the Department of Justice and the Department of Quality Control.

The House of Courage was announced as the second quarter winner. Students that are in the house of courage will receive a special prize for their positive commitment.