Fifth Grade Spotlight

Mr. Oberdorf's math class, we are preparing for finalization of our fractions unit. We have our hands on and we also used plenty of mental math to solve problems!

In science, we began talking about earth and its cycles. Not many students realize the different qualities that earth possesses and how this affects the seasons, time of day, and the climate.

Ms. Amig's class wrote a paragraph for submission for the Doodle 4 Google contest through Google. The theme is "When I grow up, I hope..." We have drawn rough drafts for our doodles.

100 Days of School

On February 14, we celebrated our 100th Day of school for the the 2018-2019 Year. As a result scholars from kindergarten dress themselves in how they would imagine they would be if they were 100 years old. They parade around the school showcasing their commitment to education.

VEX Robotics Tournament

The Prep Academy Enrichment Robotics Team competed in their second official Vex IQ competition on Feb. 22. They took to the field with two teams consisting of veterans and first timers. The teams placed 14th and 27th in a field of 27 others during the qualification rounds. Fourteenth was strong enough of a finish to qualify for the final round where our team scored 10 points, tying one other team and beating two. This placed us 7th overall for the day. The team is optimistic for next year's performance and excited to continue designing and building innovative robots!

8th Grade Career Field Trip

On February 15, 2019, our 8th grade students had the opportunity to participate in an experience day at Forbes Career and Technical Center and Pittsburgh Career Institute (PCI). While at Forbes CTC, students were able to tour and explore three different careers of their choosing. This included some hands on opportunities. At PCI, the students were given the opportunity to continue to explore several other career paths within the medical field. Some of those career interests included vet tech, dental tech, respiratory therapist, and ultrasound. This event gave students the ability to begin to think of a variety of careers and classes they may be interested in as they plan for their high school career.

-Ms. Dickinson

Social Studies

Students in 8th grade social studies classes have been studying the time period known as the Renaissance. After studying various artists and great thinkers from this era, students were able to step back into the life of the great Michelangelo, painter of the Sistine Chapel. Students discovered that Michelangelo spent over four years working in backbreaking conditions to finish his masterpiece. To simulate how this must feel students were asked to complete their own "masterpieces" from the underside of their desks. Most admitted they would have never lasted the four years it took Michelangelo to complete the Sistine Chapel!

Principal's Award

Congratulations to Chance Hoffman, Mahayla Houston, Timothy Jones, Jeremy Kennedy, Chelsea Wilkerson, Nathan Hartle, Nathan Lowes, and Maura Wade for earning the Principal's Award for the second quarter. Thank you for your hard work and dedication as you "Soar to Success!"

Soaring Eagles Award

Congratulations to the students who earned a 3.0 and above for the second quarter.

Keith W. Salmon; Alyssa A. Bridges; Mekhi D. Mosley; Mira J. Hamm; Jarrell L. Holmes; Blaise D. Johnson II; Ashton J. Davis; Brooklynn M. Turner; Rayona L. Jefferson; Thomas T. Bridges;

Shane L. Campbell; Mason J. Wade; Jalise L. Brown; Kaelyn D. Dixon; Nicholas I. Stoltz; Chudingozi Ezike; Jordan T. Boyd; Amir A. Davis;Davante N. Day-Hugley; Kevin A. Cottrill JR; Danika L. LaCava;

Andre McDonald JR; Kyrin N. Phillips; Joseph Shaviss; Quincy J. Davis; Lucia G. Dunn; Laila J. Smith;

Tyler H. Caskey; Daniel J. Wilson; Kane A. Luster; Lance L. Hawkins; Carlyn E. Wilson; Tristan G. Zuk; Kennedee V. Mitchell-Rumble; Mylah M. Wilder-McNeill; Milo D. Benson; Eric M. Frady;

Jaiden M. Saunders; Zier O. Patterson; Joshua A. Petit-Homme; Gloria M. Tompkins; Danye T. Everett; Tymere A. Alston; James R. MacGregor; Raven M. Johnson; Caidyn Thomas; Lily A. Amato;

Cierra A. Price-Knight; Martel Palmer-Mollett; Malaya A. Brown; Marc A. Pate; Aundrey V. Taylor; Myeisha J. Taylor; Jailinn W. Best; Hailey Jackson; Aira J. Davis; Taliah Smith; Jaydon Thomas;

Halona L. Carter; Cornell E. Jones; Damion H. Wilson JR; McKenzie C. Gardenhire; Tristan Karaffa;

Evan G. Caskey; Jaden Manigault;Tristen R. Mickel; Gabrielle M. Layne; Khy'Mirah D. Fultz;

Ashraf O. Badru; Elysia J. Young; Princess D. Andrews; Khilaiah Lewis; Myles Hannak

Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the students below who have maintained perfect attendance during the second quarter.

Lailah Harris; Michael Piccolino; Cayden Sullivan; Andrea Johnson; Rosemary Torres; Elijah-Gabriel Harris; Nico Pogorzelski; Tydara Robertson; Melissa Robinson-Walker; Oluwanifemi Awolaja; Redah Badru; Sophia Stelluto; Tage Waters; Azion Brumfield; Ashton Davis; Mira Hamm; Mason Wade; Amir Davis; DeLaney Green; Joseph Shaviss; Mariah Gardenhire; Nesaijah Latham; RayLynn Bundy; Danye Everett; Nathan Hartle; Madison Peoples-Taylor; Gloria Tompkins; Donte Higginbotham;

Jasmine Jasper-Thornton; Taliah Smith; Myeisha Taylor; Ashraf Badru; Jacob Hollis; Tristen Mickel; Nevaeh Mosley; Domingo Varela