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M. O. S. T.  Program

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Pennsbury School District's 18-21 year old program   

The MOST Program changes the focus from Academic Credits to Post-Secondary Outcomes.  It streams the students' IEP goals and breaks them into objectives so that the barriers for Post-Secondary outcomes can be targeted.  Employment and Daily Living Skills are the focus of the program through Functional Curriculums and Authentic Experiences in our Community.  

Welcome to MOST

M.O.S.T Partnered with the Pennsbury Channel 

to create a commercial for 

the Student Stores/Coffee Shops 

that the M.O.S.T. Program operates across 

the High School Campus 

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Pennsbury On Point:MOST 23-24

The MOST Program is supported by:

Multiple Teachers

Paraprofessionals/Job Coaches

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) 

Transition Coordinator

  Your Child's Related Services: OT, PT, and Speech

Special Education Supervisor