These are the official brackets of the 2021 Shada

Wednesday, August 11 - Update


3rd Boys ABCD (12)21.pdf
3rd Girls ABCD (12)21B.pdf
4th Girls(6)21B.pdf
4th Boys (8)21.pdf
5th Boys River (10)21B.pdf
5th Boys Lakes (10)21.pdf
5th Girls River (8)21.pdf
5th Grade Girls Lakes (10)21.pdf
6th Boys ABCD (12)21B.pdf
6th Girls ABCD (12)21B.pdf

High School

7 Boys (13)21.pdf
7th Girls(13)21.pdf
8 Boys (8) 21.pdf
8 9 Girls (9) 21.pdf
9 10 Boys (12) 21.pdf
Var Boys (9) 21.pdf
Varsity Girls (12) 21.pdf

Post-High School

Men Lakes (8) 21.pdf
Men Rapids (8) 21.pdf
Men River (8) 21.pdf
Men Stream (12) 21.pdf
Womens (7) 21.pdf