Gr. 5-8: Innovation Hub Self-Guided Exploration

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22/23 Innovation Hub Exploration for staff & students PRE-LESSON

Gr. 5-8: Pre-Exploration Lesson

Independently and/or with your class, review this lesson so your time in the Innovation Hub is spent exploring!

You will learn:

Self-Guided Exploration: Reflections

Gr. 5-8: Student Reflection sheet

Note your thoughts, questions and accomplishments as you move through the Innovation Hub Self-Guided exploration.

This will be handed into your teacher.

Gr 6-8: POST 22/23 Innovation Hub - Exploration for staff & students PRE-LESSON

Post-Exploration reflection lesson

Reflect on your co-created success criteria and how you experienced the exploration.

What tools are you excited to use when you show your learning this year?

Digital Tools

Makecode Arcade & Meowbit Centre

Makecode Arcade & Meowbit

A web-based code editor to build Retro Arcade-style games for browsers and handheld consoles (Meowbit). Coders can design games in block code, JavaScript or Python.  No Meowbit needed to create and play games.

micro:bit Centre


A pocket sized hardware device that can be programmed like a computer with the program editor. Can be integrated with building tools like Lego, K'Nex & Cardboard.

No micro:bit needed.

Makey Makey Centre

Makey Makey

A little USB device you plug into a computer or Chromebook that allows you to transform everyday objects into computer interfaces. Learn about circuits and conductivity! Use as an extension when you code in Scratch to make an interactive projects and games.

WeVideo Centre


A web-based video and audio editing platform that allows you to create podcasts and videos with effects like sound effects, music and filters. You can also use a green screen or create a stop motion animation.

Hands-on Building Tools

Cardboard Centre


We all have cardboard lying around and we can use our imaginations to reuse this sturdy yet pliable material for games, structures, costumes, art projects…so many things! 

K'Nex Centre


It's a building tool that allows you to be creative, have fun, and learn about the inner workings of structures. You can also connect your creations with micro:bit, video creation, visual art, storytelling, etc. Lots of opportunities to work on your problem solving skills!

Lego Centre


What can we say about Lego that you don't already know?! It's an awesome building tool that inspires creativity & innovation. Connect your creations with micro:bit, video creation (stop motion animation!), visual art, storytelling, robotics...endless possibilities!

Strawbees Centre


A building tool with straws & connectors that can also be paired with hydraulics and coding tools (like Micro:bit) to create static or movable characters, structures and tools.