PBL High School Counseling Center

PBL High School Counseling Center

Kristin Oyer (School Counselor) Students A-L (oyervball@pblpanthers.org)

Cory Jones (School Counselor) Students M-Z (cjones@pblpanthers.org)

Jill Schrodt (Guidance Administrative Assistant) (jschrodt@pblpanthers.org)

If you need to request of copy of your transcript to be sent, please contact Jill Schrodt at 217-379-4331 or email jschrodt@pblpanthers.org.


PBL will be offering a voluntary SAT prep class. The cost is $180.00 for 12 sessions beginning in January 2019 and running through March. Students may attend all or some of the sessions depending on their individual needs or desires. The cost remains the same regardless of how many sessions are attended. Please see guidance or Mrs. Streitmatter for more information. Last day to sign up is Friday, December 21st.


ILLINOIS COMMITMENT: FOUR YEARS, FREE TUITION!! In-state students, $61,000 & under family income effective Fall 2019. Starting with our 2019 incoming class, we’ll cover tuition and fees for up to 4 years for all qualified in-state students. That’s our mission as a land-grant institution. That’s Illinois Commitment!!

How do you qualify?

· You’re an Illinois resident (parents listed on the FAFSA are also Illinois residents)

· Your family income is $61,000 or less.

· Your family’s assets are less than $50,000

· You’re admitted as a new freshman or transfer student

· You’re under the age of 24


Augustana-Art Scholarship Portfolio. Interested in studying art or graphic design at Augustana. Share your original work with the Department of Art during a portfolio review. Art Scholarships up to $4000.00, renewed each year. Reviews held January 19, 2019. For more information contact Professor Megan Quinn at 309-794-7158 or meganquinn@augustana.edu.