Research Support

Below are lists by subject that link to study resources:


  • Starfall is an interactive website that helps students in grades K-2 learn to spell and read.

Click this link to go to Starfall.

  • Theme Poems is an online tool to help students in grades K-5 write, revise, save and share poetry.

Click here to go to Theme Poems.

  • Strong Verbs is a video created to help students understand the importance of using strong verbs to give writing more power.

Click here to view the Strong Verbs video.


  • AAA Math offers arithmetic lessons and practice activities, and by grade level and subject.

Click here to get to AAA Math.

  • mathFROG is a website with math resources and games for students in grades 4-6. It gives links for other fun math practice sites as well.

Click here to go to mathFROG.


  • PathFinder Science is a great resource for many different science-related topics.

Click here to visit PathFinder Science.

  • The NASA Solar System Exploration website gives an overview of the planets in our solar system, space missions, important people in the industry, and provides interactive games and teaching and learning resources.

Click here to visit NASA's Solar System Exploration website.

Social Studies:

  • Archiving Early America is a website that provides information about pivotal events, famous people, milestones, and documents that helped to shape American history.

Click here to access the Archiving Early America website.