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Accessing My Courses

How to Login to Schoology - Use your district logon credentials to enter the PISD Portal at then choose Applications and locate the Schoology tile.

How to Access Resources for Other Courses - watch for an email from your teacher to learn where and how to login to classroom resources.

Daily Routine

  1. Login to the PISD Portal.

○ Check your district email and respond.

○ Do your daily Schoology assignments.

  1. Do your assignments in other platforms for your other classes.

  2. Respond to any Google Chat / REMIND notices.

  3. Participate in all Google Meet and Schoology sessions.

  4. Make a To Do List for the next day and charge your device.

  5. Good job! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Virtual Lunch Program FAQ's

The health of Pasadena ISD students, staff and community continues to be the District’s top priority. We are happy to report that we will continue serving to-go meals through the end of the school year, and that we are now including dinner along with breakfast and lunch.

The following procedures will be implemented in accordance with State Agency guidance:

Virtual Learning Grab and Go FAQ’s

1. Will parents need to complete free and reduced applications this year even if they choose virtual instruction?

a. YES – it is vital to our district’s funding that parents complete free and reduced applications even if they choose not to attend in person or pick up meals curbside.

2. Will all students be served free meals curbside like they were when schools closed in March?

a. NO – parents must complete an applications and students will be free, reduced or paid based on parent income or free based on direct certification. We will be operating under the regular school breakfast and school lunch programs instead of the seamless summer option. As of now USDA has not offered SSO as an option to continue – I will let you know if this changes.

3. How does curbside meal service work?

a. We serve “take and bake” meals curbside. Parents will pull up, show student ID or some proof of student enrollment in PISD, we will ring them up on portable tablets and give them meals in a bag. Meals are given to parents on a tray through the window so there is no physical contact, each tray is sanitized between cars. Breakfast and lunch are given at the same time. We are unable to give multiple days’ worth of meals at this time because as of right now, we can only give meals for days students “sign in” and are counted as present virtually. I will let you know if this changes.

4. Can adults purchase additional meals for themselves or other children not enrolled in PISD?

a. YES – however they may only do so if they put money on their child’s account through the feature on our website or app. We will NOT be accepting cash curbside. All additional meals sold will be $3.75

5. What if parents have students at multiple campuses?

a. Parents only have to go to one location to pick up meals for their students. We will work out the details behind the scenes.

6. Can a parent or student walk up for a curbside meal?

a. YES, parents/students may walk up to get their meal but may not stay to dine. There will be no tables available – meals must be taken to go. One more reason we are serving meals “take and bake.”

7. Can I schedule a lunch break for curbside meal pick up at the same time as the lunch break for students on campus (beginning Sept 8th)?

a. This really depends, campus to campus. If students are coming through the line and we are serving curbside at the same time it will depend if we have enough staff to cover both areas. There are a lot of unknowns on how many parents will be coming curbside and how many staff we have coming back at this time. We will need to work together closely.

8. How long should I schedule curbside meal pick up for virtual students?

a. It must be long enough for parents to be able to leave, pick up their meal and get it back for students to eat before virtual classes resume.

9. Do I HAVE to have curbside meal service?

a. YES – we are required to provide the opportunity for all students to get school meals once the school calendar begins. Also, if we do not serve meals we do not have a program and we must begin laying off staff. Please help us encourage parents to come and get their student’s meals.

10. Can parents pick up curbside meals after school during dismissal or early evening?

a. We are looking at creative ways of trying to get meals to our students. We are working to see if we have staff who can work later in the day to serve students of parents who may be working, can’t come during the day, etc. IF parents try and get multiple meals for the same day however the student’s account WILL be charged $3.75 for each duplicate meal regardless of free, reduced or paid status.

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