Medical Studies

The purpose of Practicum of Health Science II (modules) is to further explore careers, skills, and concepts related to the health care field. We will learn about different career pathways and choices in health care. We will learn and practice technical and ethical skills such as taking vital signs, understanding medical terminology, and acquiring employability skills. This will be achieved through Teen CERT curriculum, Paxton Patterson modules, class discussions, laboratories, and field trips. Paxton Patterson modules include the following health care career modules:

Emergency Medical Technician Pharmacology

Dental Science Veterinary Medicine

Biomedical Engineering Forensic Medicine

Sports Medicine Therapeutic Services

Medical Imaging Nursing

Environmental Health and Safety Clinical Lab Practices

The purpose of Practicum of Health Science Cooperative Education (CO-OP) is to provide students an opportunity to experience a health care career in a real world setting. Students in CO-OP bridge the gap between education and work by gaining employment in a health care facility where they will gain patient care skills, medical clerical and office skills, and medical ethics and legal responsibilities among other skills.