New Black City

A collective vision For ANY BLACK CITY, USA

shaped by us

Build OUR Collective Future Now

Shari Davis and Tracey Corder are bringing together people from across the country through a series of workshops to build a NEW BLACK CITY. This project will create a blueprint for change that disrupts displacement, re-imagines safety, and unleashes the power of participatory budgeting.


New Black City, USA

Across the united states, there are Black spaces, cities and towns that share the same characteristics. Many have been ravaged by gentrification, impacted by systemic oppression and extracted from. In some instances, people have been pushed out of the spaces that they or their families have called home, only to find and build anew amongst similiar barriers. It feels like a never-ending cycle that needs to end.


Collective Storytelling

NEW BLACK CITY is a project that will build a world rooted in community-led decision-making at scale. With shared visionary storytelling, we will model collective liberation through a divest- invest participatory budgeting experience. Together, we will reimagine what's possible and build a world FOR US. That blueprint may even look like a comic book…


Our Future Present

The people of NEW BLACK CITY have voted for a new charter that mandates community-led decision making.

This is our opportunity to dismantle the systems that aren't working and to rebuild a world where we are thriving. We're in the year 2039, in the future, but close enough to see liberation in our lifetime.