Kid's Club

We specialist in Design and Construction of kid's club by using the latest innovation and product to best suit kids in all ages.

Soft Playground Area

Hill Climbing Area






Interactive Sandbox, The Animated Sandbox is the best multi-user augmented reality sandbox in the world! This interactive experience is an exciting new twist on the classic sandbox in which users take part in changing and redesigning the topography of the sand.

Children will explore, create, and learn using their imagination. They will pile the sand to make mountains and dig out bodies of water.

A sensor will detect the physical changes of the sand and the projection will adjust accordingly in real time. Animals will react to the environment that users create and roam only in their natural habitat.

Interactive Floor Play, Dozens of Games to Play. One Space to Play Them All.

From highly-active competitive sports games, to energetic collaborative games, to colorful patterns, to educational preschool scenarios,

BEAM has something for everyone. And with new games added every month that are 100% free for subscribers, the entertainment possibilities are only going to get bigger.

Digital Ball Wall

The Digital Ball Wall is an interactive application that allows children to throw balls at a wall and experiences games and stories.

This fun and active game promotes energetic play and working together with friends or family. At Breeze, we pride ourselves on creating simple yet fun group experiences and the Digital Ball Wall is the perfect example. This game can be completely modified for different interactive games using the same elements of projection and balls.

Interactive Tree

Escape Room for Kids

Story Interactive Game

Ball Rain