Artificial Grass for Playground

Artificial grass can literally transform

A muddy or poor looking play area into an attractive, inviting place for fun, exercise and play.

We find these solutions now in early learning facilities, schools, public areas and even private properties.

High quality playground safety surfacing with artificial grass

Artificial grass for playgrounds has become a real trend lately. It’s not surprising considering the many benefits it has over other playground surfacing options.

Artificial grass for schools and playgrounds

Safe for children


Minimum maintenance

Natural look and feel. No holes, no mud.

Environmentally friendly

Dries quickly even after heavy rain

Kids love it!

What makes us stand out?

Quality and reliability is our main priority

Unlike other brands, our artificial grass looks 100% natural

Safe for the environment and respect for nature

The latest technologies and innovations in the market.

Our Product





Artificial grass has many advantages over other safety surfacing. It is low-maintenance and long-lasting. It can handle heavy traffic and therefore it’s a great solution for playgrounds. Artificial grass dries quickly (even after heavy rainfall) and it remains green the whole year round


Playgrounds are used intensively, all the more when they have challenging playground equipment to climb on. Continuous ‘trampling’ will take a heavy toll on the lifespan of artificial grass. That’s why selecting the right top layer is important. Royal Grass Exclusive 3.0 scores very well when it comes to durability performance.

Health and safety

Where children are involved, health and safety must be top priority. That’s why none of the Royal Grass products require rubber infill. The products are made of fibers that do not contain heavy metals or toxic chemicals and are therefore totally safe for children.

Selecting the right top layer

Different applications require different types of artificial grass. Several factors need to be considered when choosing the right top layer. Always consider what the purpose of the play area is that will be used. Please contact us if you would like to get real professional advice.