A place to call home...

Papakura High School

Our school wharenui, Te Kahurangi, is 25 years old. It is in every sense of the word the "heart" of our school. It is an exceptionally ornate meeting house in its carvings both exterior and interior, which also features lavish decorations. Our school is justifiably proud of our wharenui. As I walk down our beautiful front driveway every morning, it feels as if our wharenui is welcoming me back to the place I call home: Papakura High School.

At the beginning of every year, as well as for other important occasions, we hold a powhiri in front of our wharenui, to welcome our new year 9 students, new staff and whanau. In 2016 the marae atea (the courtyard in front of the wharenui) was repaved with a poutama pattern, which has created a very attractive space.