Palmyra, Missouri School History

Palmyra, Missouri School History

"Palmyra was once known as the 'Athens of Missouri' for its many educational facilities."

Timeline of Palmyra Schools

A Timeline of Palmyra Schools

Slideshow of Palmyra R1 History

Final Presentation of MS Palmyra Project

iMovie of Palmyra School History

Memories and Comments

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About the Project

PACE is Palmyra R-1 School District's gifted education program. The school history project began with the students brainstorming ideas to help Palmyra celebrate its Bicentennial in 2019. They came up with over 200 ideas! From that list, the Middle School PACE students chose to research, compile, and present information about the history of all the schools in the Palmyra School District. The Elementary School PACE students chose to locate all the Palmyras of the world and invite the ones in the United States to join our Palmyra in celebrating our 200 year history.

The Middle School students (grades 5-8) divided the project into different areas--the Elementary, Middle, High Schools, the country schools, and private and parochial schools. They were then to compile their information for all classes to use, and each class decided a different way to present the information. The 5th graders made a book about the country schools; the 7th graders made a Google Slides presentation; the 8th graders made a movie; and the 6th graders made this website that includes all the presentations. PACE is grateful to all those who helped provide information and pictures for our project.

For more information about the projects, see the "More Interesting Information" page.