Palmdale School District

Teacher Induction Program and Support

Program Vision

The Palmdale School District's Teacher Induction Program & Support improves student achievement by supporting and retaining high quality teachers who meet the social, emotional and diverse learning needs of students by making appreciative inquiry the basis of life-long reflective learning.

Contact Information

Superintendent (Unit Head)

Dr. Raul Maldonado

Asst. Superintendent

Ed Services

(On-Going Oversight)

Elena Esquer

(661) 789-6755


Teacher Support

(Day-to-Day Operations)

Dr. Jill S. Bradford

(661) 233-3316


Instructional Coaches

Katherine Borquez

Rebecca Figueroa

Beverly Gonda

Teacher Support Department Administrative Support

Cesar Castellanos (Interim)

(661) 233-3316

Credential Analysts

Susana Gulke

(661) 789-6535

Linh Hoang

(661) 947-3075