Curriculum Mapping

Start your journey to well-planned programming based on learner needs. All instructional tools are aligned to FLDOE state standards and TABE 11/12 testing benchmarks.

Step 1

Obtain TABE Results from the site’s Testing Administrator. Then use the report: Individual Portfolio to identify any skill areas in need of personalized support. Use the 2nd Table to view proficiency levels.

Utilize the Instructional Level Interpreter for TABE 11/12 to:

  • understand where students fall along the spectrum of levels
  • identify the level of depth needed to teach each level learner
  • obtain correlations to grade equivalency
  • work with learners to make reasonable end-goals for leveling up!
  • Great for data chats and learner goal setting!

Table 2

Instructional Level Interpreter1218.pdf

Step 2

Complete the Domain Group Planning Tool to identify common areas of need and create targeted learning groups.

  1. Download the tool by clicking on the image to the right and save it to your computer. Open the document from the saved location in order to save information entered.
  2. Use the Individual Portfolio TABE results Table 2 to identify the objectives where one or more learner has earned 50% or less in proficiency. Add names to the column on the right creating target skill groups
  3. Work through your entire class test results. In the end you will have a list of your targeted instruction groups for each academic focus, AND the outline for content to cover during the term. You may also want to create separate documents for each student to complete data chats.

NOTE: You must download the form to utilize the drop down menu and type. Remember to save and then open the file from its saved location to save your information.

Step 3

Go to the Guides! Establish course outline including areas of need using Standard Map and print a lesson guide for each topic that needs to be covered during the term.

Use links to the right to access.