Dr Amith KeshaveMBBCh(Wits), FCPaed (SA), MMed (UKZN), Cert Paed Neurology (SA), who recently joined Life Entabeni Hospital in Durban, knows that it takes more than book smarts to be good at his job. Paediatric neurologists care for children that have disorders affecting the nervous system - the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

Dr Keshave sees children that present with a range of disorders and assists with managing their complications. These include seizures, strokes, headaches, learning disabilities and behavioural disorders among others.

He also manages diseases affecting the spinal cord - spinal muscular atrophy, polio, or disorders of the peripheral nerve like Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Furthermore, he works closely with neurosurgeons, treating patients with nervous system tumours or children born with congenital defects, like that of the spine (spina bifida).

Dr Keshave believes "The ability of your child is only limited by what you think they can and cannot do."