with Dr A Keshave & Team

Dr Keshave & Team will be once again be cycling the Amashova, a cycle race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. To raise awareness and educate the KZN Cerebral Palsy Association - an organization that helps to care for chidlren with disabilites, cerebral palsy. Our Aim is to get 100 people to donate R100, for this worthy organization - with your help we know we can do this again this year.

Cerebral Palsy is a non progressive insult on a developing brain. This can be anything from traumatic injuries, to infection and complications during delivery. These children with cerebral palsy have not only physical disabilities but cognitive disability as well. They require special needs and extra care, as compared to a child without disabilities. It is for this reason that this year we have decided to assist the KZN Cerebral Palsy Assosciation, which is a Non-profit organization that unselflessly help these children. The organization is responsible for feeding, caring, educating as well as ensuring these children recieve therapy (Physio and Occupational Therapy) that will assist them in their daily care.

The KZN Cerebral Palsy Association also assists parents with children that have cerebral palsy, by providing them with support and education on managing their children. They serve parents and children from all works of life.

If you would like to donate, you are welcome to Pay Cash at the rooms or via EFT, pleaase contact us on:

  • Tel: 031 261 1561
  • Whats app: 076 892 6248
  • Email:

Banking Details:

  • Bank: Investec Bank
  • Account Name: Dr Amith Keshave Inc
  • Account Number: 10011662292
  • Branch Code: 580105
  • Reference: Mission 100 "and your name"

  • Nelson Mandela - the father of the country - 100 years since the legend was born. In order to celebrate all that he stood for Dr Keshave and Team decided we would get involved and share the legacy of Nelson Mandela on the 18th July 2018.
  • The Team decided that we would this year help a charity that gave back to children who needed it the most and who had nothing from the start. We decided to help an abandoned babies home - we searched and found a lovely home called the "Hope House" - this has been home to now over 75 abandoned children, most of which have found homes, and they currently have 6 children in their care.
  • The Home is run by two Angels, who embody the sipirt of Mabida, and have given unselfishly to care for these children and go beyond to ensure they find a place they can call home. These Angles are Lynne and Sonia, who look after these children and do so based on donations recieved by the public and organizations.
  • Based in Pinetown, Durban, they run the home for babies only, and amist the cries and nappy changes, they still find the time to fund raise and maintain there home - so these children can have what others take for granted.
  • We spent our 67 minutes, bringing food, toys and spending time with the children and care givers, getting know how they started and the struggles they have had. A touching day for us all and we would like to thank them for all their efforts and will support them were we can.
  • Those wanting to know more about "HOPE HOUSE" are welcome to contact them at or please visit their website at
  • Dr Keshave & Team cycled the Amashova Durban Classic Cycle event on the 21st October 2017. We cycled the event to raise both awareness and funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation (MDF) of South Africa. As part of the fund raising we had formed the "100's CLUB" . The aim of the club was to get at least 100 people to donate a R100 for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of SA.
  • The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation is an organisation that selflessly supports both children and adults with neuromuscular disorders. Most of these disorders leave patients extremely disabled with an inability to mobilise. This results in numerous complications, and patients go on to require intensive care. These neuromuscular disorders have no cure. The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation aims to provide support not just for the patients but their families as well. This is done through assisting with funding for equipment, connecting family members with support groups and even going so far as assisting patients with treatment if available.
  • The cycle race was from Pietermaritzburg to Durban and the aim of our campaign was to raise awareness about the foundation so that others with similar signs and symptoms can come forward to be diagnosed and possibly receive assistance. The Foundation is a non-profit organisation made of volunteer workers and those with a special interest in the field of neuromuscular disorders.
  • Our team with the help of the generosity of the public managed to raise R23 000 rands for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation . And would like to thank everyone that supported us in this event and look forward to your continued support in for events to come.

  • Pictures of the Cycle Race and Cheque hand over to the MDF:

End of the Amashova Race 2017

Start of the Amashova Race

Nunkissor Family handing the Cheque over to The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation