Marine View Middle School

Performing Arts


Welcome to Marine View Middle School Performing Arts Department! Entering our 25th year of arts education, Marine View’s performing arts department continues to thrive! Serving approximately half of our entire student body, Marine View offers students a multitude of arts experiences through a variety of venues.

Marine View boasts both rapidly growing vocal and instrumental music programs, we offer students the opportunity to participate in a variety of performance groups such as Band, Concert Choir, and Jazz Ensemble Show Choir. Marine View also hosts an extensive dance program, which features our award winning Dance Team, and offers multiple sections of Dance PE.

Furthermore, Marine View produces a bi-annual Musical and Talent Show, providing students with both performance and production experience. To mount these productions, our instrumental music, vocal music, and dance programs rally together to create experiences where our students are afforded the opportunity to gain skills not only in acting, singing, and dancing, but also in the technical aspects of musical theater such as lighting, sound, and set building.

At Marine View, our students and faculty are continually working together to grow and strengthen our program, teaching countless students the incredible impact music and the arts can have in the world through them.

Marine View Performing Arts Calendar