OVEC CRRSA Social Emotional Learning

Molly Allen and Santina Plottner, SEL Specialists


Hello, fellow educators! As the CRRSA Support Team (CST) works with school/district leaders, the focus will be on impacting student learning in a powerful, positive way. CST members will provide needed information, research, training, and resources to district leaders, followed by coaching and guidance through the strategic process regarding what they should do with the information. In many cases, the next step of the school/district leaders’ work will be with principals, counselors, mental health specialists, and even teachers. While in some instances it will be possible for CST members to participate in these meetings, the primary goal will be to equip leaders in districts to do necessary work that impacts students across the district and create systems that lead to sustainability long after the work of the CST.

We are excited to dive into this work with you! Please reach out to us for support and resources!

SEL Overview

SEL Systems/Framework

SEL for Adults

SEL for Students

Integrating SEL and Academics

PBIS/MTSS Connection

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