Sample Client Investment Solutions Projects

Insurance Company

We have guaranteed a high rate of return to our policy holder, but returns today are much lower. How should we structure our portfolio to stop bleeding to death?

Sovereign Wealth Fund

How would you design the portfolio structure of a brand new $100bn SWF from a clean sheet of paper ? Would the traditonal policy portfolio and manager selection still hold?

Sophisticated Institutional Investor

We dont know when or what will cause the next financial crisis, but there will be one. How should we analyze our complex portfolio and prepare for this event?

US Endowment

We have a traditional US style spending policy. If we switch to a European style spending policy, how should the portfolio change?

Global Investment Consultant

What should be the optimal FX hedge for the full plan - which is in effect a global multi-asset, multi-strategy portfolio?

High Net worth Individual / Family Office

We want a 6-8% return. Dont say we have a balanced portfolio, and return is negative because markets fell. How would you construct such a portfolio?

Private Equity Hedge Fund

We invest in both the fund of the hedge fund manager, as well in its equity as a LP. How should the risk of such a structure be evaluated?

Closed Life Insurance Company

We guarantee the portfolio downside with our own capital, and own the downside and liabilities as a principal. How should we construct a liability- aware portfolio ?

Proprietary Trading Group

Creating an AI / ML based trading platform using Big Data to manage Middle East financial markets

Pension Plan

We have just increased our Emerging Markets allocation by $6bn, but there is no liquidity in the market for this size. How should we structure this investment?