Client Events


Conducting a 5-day Intensive course for Director level officials from Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks, Regulators and Pension Funds .

CBIRC (China) GIC (Singapore)

SAFE (China) SEBI (India)

PBOC (China) Fin Ser Com (Korea)

CSRC (China) MOF (Japan)

Bank Indonesia (Indonesia) SEC (Thailand)

Sec Comm (Malaysia) SCIC (Vietnam)

Temasek (Singapore) .... and more

Multi-Asset Book launched in the Middle East


Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG)


Conducting a 5-day Intensive course for Director level officials from Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks, Regulators and Pension Funds .

PBOC (China) CBRC (China)

Bank Indonesia FSA (Indonesia)

Ministry of Finance (Japan) SAFE (China)

Bank of Thailand SEC (Thailand)

State Bank of Vietnam Temasek (Singapore)

BSP (Phillipines) SFC (Phillipines)

FSC (Korea) SEBI (India)

....and more

Singapore : Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)

Thank you to the Singapore Stock Exchange, SGX, for hosting and sponsoring the lecture on Multi-Asset Investing for Singapore based investment professionals. A phenomenal gathering and interesting discussion.


Participants from KWAP, Khazanah, Perkeso, ValueCap and other Malaysian government and private organizations attend a lecture on Multi-Asset Investing : A Practitioner’s Framework in Kuala Lumpur.


Thank you to the over 150 participants at the book launch event in Indonesia for Multi-Asset Investing: A Practitioners Framework. A very thought provoking discussion on the investment process for multi-asset funds with the senior investment professionals in Indonesia.


Pranay Gupta's book Multi-Asset Investing: A Practitioner's Framework was launched at a book event in Mumbai India. Inaugurating the India Roundtable of CIOs and CEOs from the Indian financial industry, Paul Smith, CEO of CFA Institute remarked that " the CFA Institute is always supportive of efforts to further the development of the industry, and perhaps India can leapfrog in the effort to develop a more enhanced allocation architecture".

The roundtable facilitated an intense discussion on the real investment issues faced by asset owners and the potential solutions to some of these outlined in the book.

Sri Lanka

Address at the Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka on the changing face of Multi-Asset Investing and the skills required in this new investment world.


Discussion in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City on the book Multi-Asset Investing : A Practitioner’s Framework, and its relevance even for single country managers.

Beijing, China

Hosted by CFA Society Beijing, Pranay Gupta, author of Multi-Asset Investing: A Practitioner's Framework, began his book tour with an executive roundtable event in China, followed by a seminar with over 100 participants. In there Pranay discussed the advanced techniques in asset allocation with representatives from some of the largest sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, investment banks and asset managers. We are delighted that Pranay will be presenting this topic to ten other CFA Societies in Asia Pacific in the coming two months.