FINTECH : Deploying Mathematics & Technology in Investment Management


Pranay graduated with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi, specialising in CAD/CAM.

In the 1980s, he used four dimensional robotic manipulator design modelling techniques for the design of automobile suspension systems for Suzuki Motor Co. Japan. He subsequently applied fluid dynamic modelling techniques for the simulation of flow of fluids down-hole in oil wells for Dowell Schlumberger. Pranay published his work on flow of fluids through filter media in the ASME Journals in 1988.

In the early 1990s, Pranay utilised the then developing field of relational databases and applied it for developing systems for the manufacture and production control of missile systems. With a career change to financial markets after a Masters degree, Pranay applied the same database and modelling techniques to produce an advanced analysis and portfolio management system for JP Morgan Chase Investment Management, which was incubated initially in Singapore and subsequently implemented in New York. Since then, Pranay has designed, developed and implemented advanced database, analytics and diagnostics tools as decision support systems six times across the world for various organisation with assets of over $400 bn being monitored and managed using these systems. These state of the art portfolio analysis systems have been used in managing portfolios using quantitative analysis of big data, portfolio diagnostics to re-engineer investment processes and creating customised client solutions for asset owners of all sizes and sophistication.

In the 2000s, Pranay used heuristic time series modelling, neural network and artificial intelligence techniques to manage over $1b in pension assets for APG Investments, Netherlands. These methods were deployed on short term financial data, and were implemented using a blades architecture and program trading algorithms. in 2018, he helped advise a large Middle East group in designing and implementing a big data platform for managing a large pool of financial assets.

Pranay currently serves on the Advisory Board of Stashaway, the first licensed retail Roboadvisor in Singapore, which launched in mid 2017 and is beginning to gain significant traction in Asia.

Pranay's upcoming book on the Fintech: The New DNA of Financial Services focuses on how dramatically the financial services business is likely to change in the future with the rapid advances underway in financial technology. The book is supported by various Singapore government institutions and will be donated to over 300 high schools and polytechnics, and the Fintech regulators of 30 countries. It will form the framework for a new Masters level course at Singapore Management University in March 2019.


· Using a Robotic Manipular 4-dimensional Modelling Framework to Design a McPherson Strut Suspension System, IIT Delhi and Suzuki Motor Company Japan, Apr 1988.

· Comparison of Measurement Methods for Pore Size Evaluation of Nonwoven Filter Media, American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 110(1), 23-26, Mar 01, 1988.

Advisory Board Member, Stashaway

Stashaway is the first retail roboadvisor to be licenced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and was launched in July 2017. Stashaway's objective is to use technology and institutional calibre systematic investment processes to manage multi-asset portfolios for retail clients in a low fee, efficient structure.

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