Welcome After-School Leaders

This website will be home to all Oakland Unified School District After-School Lead Agency Site Coordinator and Agency Director needs. You can find agency expectations, grant requirement details, compliance documentation and deliverables, links to all slide presentations and agendas from our meetings and trainings, and calendars. Scroll down for a site map for more information or use the drop down menu.

Expanded Learning Department Mission Statement:

In community, we cultivate transformative experiences for youth on their journey as they become thriving, productive leaders.

New to OUSD After-School Programs? There are many acronyms and new vocabulary to remember. Click here for the glossary.

Need to know who you should contact in our office for site based issues, technical assistance or questions around compliance? Use this link to view which ASP Program Manager is assigned to your site.

Who We Are

Site Map

  • Safe & Supportive Environment: Resources related to creating and maintaining a safe and supportive environment.
      • Safety Plans: Safety Plan documents for download and their due date.
      • Field Trips: Requirements for agencies running field trips as well as language from the OUSD MOU.
      • Program Closure Dates: Explanation of planned vs unplanned Program Closures and what to do in the event of each.
      • Safety Documents: Links to the important safety documents needed; including but not limited to incident Reports and crisis preparedness.
      • School Safety Officers (SSOs): SSO job descriptions and feedback forms for download.
      • Incident Reporting: Guidance for filling out Incident Report forms, template available for download, and sample reports.
      • Sanctuary District: Links to important Sanctuary District resources and staff training materials.
  • Grant Management: Basic operational program requirements from CDE to maintain grant compliance.
      • Lead Agency Expectations: Requirements for being an After-School Lead Agency with OUSD plus copies of district MOUs.
      • Request for Qualifications: Visit this page to find more information about the process for becoming an After-School Lead Agency with OUSD.
      • Program Planning Tools: Explanation of the various pieces of the program planning tools, templates of each document, and important due dates.
  • Partners: Find information about all stakeholders, meeting and training resources and the calendar.
      • Meetings & Trainings: Folders for each of the District's meetings and trainings will house all PowerPoints, agendas and relevant resources.
      • Principals: Information for site Administrators around after-school, grant management and transitions.
      • Recognition: Jason Guinto Award recipients.
      • Calendar: Find due dates and Expanded Learning training dates here.
      • Quality Support Coaches: QSC job descriptions and important invoicing procedures as well as content regarding CQI for QSCs.
  • Compliance: Introduction to compliance requirements.
      • Enrollment Forms: Find all After-School Lead Agency enrollment forms along with translated versions here.
      • Attendance: A Prezi with specific instructions for completing monthly attendance reports and a long-form attendance operations manual.
      • Invoicing: OUSD invoicing guidelines for agencies.
      • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): Explanations of OUSD and CDE CQI requirements as well as a calendar of the CQI process at OUSD.
      • Deliverables: On this page you can find your site's deliverables folder.
  • Resources: Links to important state and national after-school resources.
  • Glossary: For a glossary of important terms and acronyms, visit this page.