@ SUNY Oswego


STEM 4 Kids K - 3 and Young Inventors (4th - 6th grades) are hosted by Oswego Technology Student Association (OTSA), Department of Technology, and preservice Technology Education teachers at SUNY Oswego. Each program includes exciting educational activities focused on the relationships among the different components of STEM. The children experience different problem solving strategies as they learn about the designed world.

Goals of KidsTech

KidsTech participants will:

    • recognize the connection between the different components of STEM
    • utilize STEM principles and concepts to solve problems
    • develop the thought processes and motor skills necessary to design, construct and test models
    • communicate their ideas while working productively in a team

Our Programs

The KidsTech programs are designed for students in grades K-6. The two programs currently offered are STEM 4 Kids and Young Inventors. The STEM 4 Kids program is for students in grades K-3, Young inventors is for students in grades 4-6.