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WISEdash Public PortalWhat is WISEdash?

What is WISEdash? WISEdash is a data portal that uses "dashboards," or visual collections of graphs and tables, to provide multi-year education data about Wisconsin schools. Data on the portal are redacted and available by school, district, or State. Current and Certified data can be displayed for multiple years and it can be grouped and filtered by a variety of demographics including grade level, gender, race/ethnicity, economic status, disability, English proficiency, and migrant status. Data download files are also available. As a public reporting tool, WISEdash is used by districts, schools, parents, researchers, media, and other community members to view data published by DPI.

Who should use it? The WISEdash Public Portal is the front door for parents and community members to discover all types of data about Wisconsin schools and districts. Educators should send parents to WISEdash for public data reports. Data is redacted to protect student privacy.

School Performance - Wisconsin Requirement

The general education data and information that district’s must report to parents and guardians. The requirements are set in state statutes (s. 115.38, Wis. Stats.). The links below fulfill our reporting requirements.

    • The best way to view Wisconsin school performance report data is on the SDPR site.

    • The best way to view Wisconsin test scores and related data is on WISEdash.

2018-19 Osceola State Report Cards- No Report Card for the 2019-20 school year due to Covid

ESSA Accountability Reporting

While the federal system is intended to identify the schools most in need of support and improvement, DPI will report results for all public schools in the state (including those with no identifications) because providing data to educators working to close Wisconsin's achievement gaps is critically important. The ESSA Accountability Reports along with the statewide identification data are publicly reported here:

For a summary of the federal accountability system, please refer to the ESSA Accountability Overview. For specifics on the calculations and business rules applied, please refer to the Business Rules Brief. For specifics on the identification process and the associated improvement requirements for identified schools, details are provided in the state’s proposed ESSA plan.

Osceola Federal Report Cards

District- 2017-18*

Elementary School 2017-18*

Intermediate School 2017-18*

Middle School 2017-18*

High School 2017-18*

*year of Federal Report Cards