Welcome to RTi

What is RTi?

Response To Intervention is a system of support and interventions targeted to students who continually struggle with academic success. Increasing levels of support are introduced and offered to students to accelerate their rate of learning.

How does my child qualify for RTi?

A combination of many factors are considered for RTi eligibility including MAPS scores, grades, attendance, behavior, motivation, home support, teachers’ classroom observations and student input.

How is RTi provided at OMS?

Tier One

Tier one are students who attend core subjects without additional support, no RTi support is given to theses students.

Tier Two

Tier two (T2) is the first level of RTi and the level most RTi students start with. At OMS, T2 support will be provided in a scheduled study hall. Within this support study hall students are encouraged to write the day's assignments in their weekly planners. Opportunity to receive one on one (or small group) support with homework, studying, or organization is given as needed. Students are progress monitored every other week in math and reading until they meet benchmarks. Weekly grade reports are given and reviewed with students to keep them informed of their progress, and to encourage them to set and achieve goals.

Tier Three

Tier three (T3) support is considered for students who fail to show progress with T2 service in place. OMS offers quarterly mini courses to T1 and T2 leveled students during the last period of the day (7th Hour). If a student needs T3 leveled RTI they will attend an Intervention Period 7th hour instead of attending a mini course. They will also continue to attend the T2 support study hall. The intervention period will consist of weekly progress monitoring and student review of current grades, missing work, and attendance. Two days or more of individualized, online, enrichment/intervention will be provided. Based from data collected with the online program, students are worked with individually, or in small group settings, to address academic areas of concern, teach and reteach concepts, and introduce resources to assist the student where needed. On any given day there may be additional study hall time for completion of homework within the Intervention Period.

With all tiers of RTi, student success is always acknowledged and celebrated!

Is RTi part of Special Education?

It is important to know that RTi is not special education. RTi students will remain in all their regular core subjects, and will be given support with the classroom content. If a student continues to struggle academically after Tier 3 RTi support has been offered, an evaluation for special education may be considered.