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The Counseling and Student Services Department of Partnership Academy promotes the academic achievement and the social and emotional growth of all students. We analyze data from a variety of sources to identify student and family needs and provide services that allow our students the opportunity to be successful in their academic and personal growth, and realize their full potential.

Please visit our individual page links above to learn the many ways support services staff assist students and families with being successful. Click on the box with the arrow in the top right-hand corner to expand our Virtual Bitmoji Office and enjoy the links!

Virtual Counseling Office

Partnership Academy's school counselor and social worker are available to meet with students regarding academic, personal, social, and career related needs.

If you would like the school counselor to meet with your student, please complete this Counselor Referral Form and Mrs. Rosario will meet with your student as soon as possible with minimal interference to core academic classes. We are here to help!