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Left to Right: Austin Lippincott (Physics AP/CP, Engineering), Allison Kerr (Anatomy & Physiology, Biology CP), Zaloa Goiri Virto (Chemistry CP/F), Winnie Sloan (Dept. Chair, Biology AP/H/CP), David Sloan (Chemistry AP/H/CP), Tess Kokiousis (AP/CP Environmental Sci., FOS), Ashley Michelin (FOS, Biology CP ) and Troy Labnow (FOS)

Course Advisement Information 2021-22. LINK TO VIDEO

Science Course Advisement Night 2021

OPHS Science Department Vision

Each and every student will graduate from high school scientifically and ecologically literate.

OPHS Science Department Mission

This will be realized through rigorous and engaging science education that cultivates creative, analytical, problem solvers who appreciate the beauty and wonder of science; possess knowledge of science and engineering that enables them to engage in public discussions on related issues; be critical consumers of scientific information related to their everyday lives; and are inclined to continue to learn about science.


(CP) College Preparatory: Designed for students planning on attending college, but not majoring in a science field.

(H) Honors: Designed for students planning to major in science or are interested in a more rigorous study.

(AP) Advanced Placement: Designed for students to pass the A.P. exam with a 3 or higher in order to receive college credit for the course.

If you do not meet the grade prerequisites - you can appeal. Here is the link to the form.

Why is your math placement linked to your science course? Math is the language of science. Math allows scientists to evaluate the evidence they use to support their claims (Claim-Evidence-Reason). We have structured our science pathways in a deliberate manner so that each course builds upon the other, similar to most math classes. We need to ensure that you can be successful in each of your courses and to do that you need to have mastered specific math skills. Lastly, we would like your science education at OPHS to be continuous without any "gap" years while waiting for a particular math course to be completed. If you have completed at least Alg. 1A, before you start with your 'Foundations of Science Course', then you will be able to complete your science pathway without interruption.

Math and Science Sequence and Coordination 2020-21

A few years back - dept. picture with teachers we just love and miss... L-->R: Zaloa Goiri Virto, Sharon Stutz, Yukako Kawakatsu, Ellen Chevalier, Winnie Sloan, Ken Jones, Dave Sloan and Troy Labnow