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Most Support is provided during 7th period but sometimes support is provided at lunch time (L).

Please plan ahead to attend 7th period - make it part of your day!

The Self-Guided HyperDoc Tour below will be distributed in 'Google Classroom'.

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***Self-Guided Digital Tour of MsLittenBiology, E2 - Version 2019-20

Keep asking questions!

Investigate a phenomenon - make a claim, provide evidence and a reason!

This is a video recorded as I spoke with students in 2019 who were deciding between Honors and AP Biology. In addition to helping students differentiate between courses it can give you an understanding of what each course is like and how to do your best work in it. Two former students provide excellent advice as well and answer questions.

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Cool Story about OPHS Science Department!

Don't be afraid of mistakes - (check out video) make your mistakes, adjust your strategies, try again, the sooner you fail the sooner you will find your success. Try different ways to study, to engage, to present, to design a lab.... you will get better faster!

The way we learn! #GrowthMindset!

This video was helpful to me in setting up my Google Site - it might be helpful to you as well!

This Google Folder contains the 2017 Teacher Training Resources: