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Back to School Night AP/H Fall 2023 with Mrs. Sloan

If "Support Time" falls on a 1,3,5,7 day it will be for Honors Biology and if a 2,4,6,7 day it will be for AP Biology *primarily!

*Anyone is welcome on either day but I will focus my reviewing and support on those particular days for those specific courses.

Parents/Guardians/Support Squad: I highly recommend TWO specific ways to provide support:

1. Look through the slide shows below and read the Course Syllabus for the course that your student is enrolled in so you are aware of course expectations, protocols, materials, and suggestions.  Follow course links above to access documents/links so you are informed of upcoming events/assessments and can encourage them to make wise choices with their limited time.

2. Encourage students to complete all assignments/studying 24 hours before they are due.  This then will decrease their stress, encourage them to complete assignments early and still be prepared even when the inevitable chaos enters our lives.  I try to limit their regrets (transform it into learning experience and then let it go), decrease their anxiety (transform it into backwards planning) and maximize their learning opportunities.

*** Lab Notebook Instructions

To have an overview of Honors and AP Biology for the 2023-24 school year - here is both a video and slide presentation that you can use as information to have a better understanding of the practices and protocols of this school year!  

*Honors & AP Bio Meeting 2023

Student TECHtorials #yougotthis .....but I am here to help YOU!!!! #youareimportant

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Keep asking questions! 

Investigate a phenomenon - make a claim, provide evidence and a reason!

Remember it is so important to: treat ALL members of our educational community with dignity

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