Back to school training videos demonstrating proper health and safety practices will be provided throughout the summer and into the new 2020-2021 School Year along with how each school is helping students and families prepare learning environments at school and at home.

Click the monthly dropdowns below to review communications from Superintendent Jan Perruccio addressing how our school district and communities are adapting during our school closure and transition to distance learning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2021-2022 School Year

2020-2021 School Year

District Back to School Training Videos


How to Put On & Take Off a Mask

Hand Sanitizer

Transportation - Bus Protocols

Pre-Ordering Breakfast and Lunch

Cleaning Protocols

School-specific Training Videos

Kathleen E. Goodwin

OSGS - Classroom Kits & Materials

Old Saybrook Middle School

OSMS - Classroom Kits & Materials

Old Saybrook High School

OSHS - Classroom Kits & Materials

OSGS - In the Classroom

OSMS - In the Classroom

OSHS - In the Classroom

OSGS - Walking through the Halls

OSMS - Walking through the Halls

OSHS - Walking through the Halls

OSGS - Bathroom Protocols

OSMS - Bathroom Protocols

OSHS - Bathroom Protocols

OSGS - Late Arrivals

OSMS - Late Arrivals

OSHS - Late Arrivals

2019-2020 School Year